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Athena Productions
5.5 X 8.5 in
450 pg

7 - 17 (US school grade range)

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DAR & Earth: Revelations continues the story of Aelish and Isabela, while illuminating the truth about climate change, which is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Faced with an extraordinary circumstance, Aelish must make a decision that will change her and Thagar’s lives forever. Isabela discovers something equally life-altering, propelling her into the scientific world.

As Isabela’s mother braves through her experimental cancer treatments, she develops new symptoms, unrelated to her cancer, along with over one million people worldwide. Isabela suspects a burgeoning pandemic is looming. Record-breaking temperatures, wildfires, melting ice, and flooding bring Earth to irreversible tipping points.

Yet, Humans continue to deny the truth about climate change, despite the multitude of plainly visible, ominous warning signs. Desperate to understand the complacency of the Humans, Aelish delves into the dangerous world of evil magic to determine whether evil forces are at play, propelling Humanity toward extinction. What she discovers will change the fate of DAR & Earth forever.

Athena M. Kaiman
Author Bio

Athena M. Kaiman is the author of the fantasy series, DAR & Earth, rooted in accurate historical and scientific facts, with an emphasis on climate change and female empowerment. Ms. Kaiman worked in the male-dominated world of politics, first as a grassroots organizer and ultimately as a press secretary and speechwriter. She hopes to inspire the younger generations to lay bare the blame for their dying world at the feet of the adults who allowed it. She considers herself one of those who allowed it and writing this series is her way of repaying that debt.