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5.5 X 8.5 in
425 pg

7 - 17 (US school grade range)

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DAR & Earth: Yasteron continues the story of Aelish and Isabela, who must both somehow rise from the ashes of their shattered lives after the breathtaking cliffhanger in Book Two. Their resolve to do so is a testament to their determination to stop the extinction event looming on the horizon for humans, caused by the climate crisis on Earth.

Aelish ventures back to DAR to reclaim her beloved Thagar. As she reviews the devastation from Yasteron’s bombs, she agonizes over whether to annihilate the entire Kingdom of Yasteron or forge ahead with a peace treaty in accordance with her Oath of Peace. While Aelish struggles with this decision, Isabela tries to recover from being captured and tortured in her research lab by Yasteron soldiers. The clock is ticking, and the overall global temperature is climbing. Isabela knows once it reaches 1.4ºC, it will flip the switch on an irreversible tipping point for the climate syndrome, causing humanity’s extinction.

Athena M. Kaiman
Author Bio

Athena M. Kaiman is the author of the fantasy series, DAR & Earth, rooted in accurate historical and scientific facts, with an emphasis on climate change and female empowerment. Ms. Kaiman worked in the male-dominated world of politics, first as a grassroots organizer and ultimately as a press secretary and speechwriter. She hopes to inspire the younger generations to lay bare the blame for their dying world at the feet of the adults who allowed it. She considers herself one of those who allowed it and writing this series is her way of repaying that debt.