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Rainbow Ridge
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Descent is about Jesus' resurrection and ascension that preceded the descent of the spirit—an event that purportedly made saints of ordinary men and women. This is the historical setting and the spiritual landscape upon which two outsiders intruded: Flaccus, a Roman Legionnaire and deserter, and Jeshua, a Judean healer and rogue. Both men are wanted by the Roman Empire and both men manage to hide within a community of disciples. While they evade Rome's authority, each man responds to this evolving faith in a dramatically different way.

D. S. Lliteras
Author Bio

D. S. Lliteras is the author of fourteen books that have received national and international acclaim. His short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous national and international magazines, journals, and anthologies. He lives in Montgomery, Alabama with his wife and author, Kathleen Touchstone.

Table of contents


1. “I’m alive.” 1

2. “My money!” 3

3. “Not good.” 9

4. “Hello, Ephrath.” 11

5. “You’ve killed me.” 19

6. “By the gods!” 23

7. ““Don’t kill me.” 35

8. “Damn.” 39

9. “I’m thirsty.” 41

10. “Guilty as charged.” 43

11. “I heard him.” 47

12. “Wait.” 59

13. “Hello there, boy.” 61

14. “That’s my tent over there.” 69

15. “I need her.” 73

16. “What gave you that idea?” 77

17. “These are strange politics.” 83

18. “Your conscience.” 93

19. “Just like that.” 99

20. “We are looking for a deserter.” 107

21. “We are in peace.” 113

22. “And I’m not angry.” 117

23. “He also preached equality.” 121

24. “Where does he go? I wonder.” 125

25. “He is the son of God.” 127

26. “Footprints.” 137

27. “Blessed are you, Lord our God . . .” 141

28. “They want you.” 145

29. “That beauty over there has saved you.” 149

30. “You are invisible—a woman.” 153

31. “The Holy Ghost.” 157

32. “We are not a cult.” 163

33.“Are you alright?” 169

34. “I’m not your brother.” 171

35. “Jesus had a temper.” 175

36. “They are all idiots.” 181

37. “Oh, Lord, Lord, Lord . . .” 183

38. “The Holy Ghost power!” 185

39. “I want to kill you.” 189

40. “There’s no genius. There’s only God.” 195

Review Quote - Booklist

"Fans of [Lliteras's] earlier novels will enjoy the fast pace [of Descent] and his insistence on portraying ordinary people."

Review Quote - The San Francisco Review of Books

"One of the many aspects of Lliteras’ writing is the style in which he places words on a page. His dialogue among his characters is set in the usual novel format but each very short chapter stuns, and opens the window for the next. Moving away from his novels about war and Vietnam in particular (and if you have not read them, do!), he takes us into the realm of spiritual aspects of Christianity in a manner that places us wholly in the framework of the significance of the concept of the crucifixion and resurrection and ascension and descent of the Holy Spirit in a manner that is revelatory to all people . . . This is yet another work by D. S. Lliteras that provokes a stringent ‘YES!’ from the reader. He sees the world as few are able, and shares the meaning of feeling with us. Quite simply, this is a brilliant little novel—especially for those who struggle with the concepts of sainthood and how it happens."

Review Quote - The VVA Veteran

"Descent is an exciting return to Lliteras' biblical series . . . the result is another fine, poetic, spiritual novel . . . You can feel drama and tension on every page. I recommend this novel to fans of Lliteras' biblical books and his military books. He has produced another winner."

Review Quote - Military Writers Society of America Dispatches (MWSA)

"Anyone who has read other works by D. S. Lliteras will recognize his riveting literary style . . . In [Descent], Lliteras has written a parable. He tells a fictitious story that serves as a protective shell for a moral lesson or a religious conviction. His words inspire rather than declare. They transform his listeners rather than dictating to them. He suggests an interpretation rather than demanding one. On the day of Pentecost, when tongues of fire descend upon the disciples enabling them to receive a Gift of the Spirit, the two refugees [in this novel] will hear two very different messages—and so will the readers of Descent."

Review Quote - Motherhood Moment (blog)

"[P]ack[s] a lot into its short pages . . . easy to read . . . believable . . . thought-provoking. I found it so interesting that I actually am in the process of checking out a bunch of the author's other works!"

Review Quote - Motherhood Moment (blog)

“I definitely like his [Lliteras'] writing style. His books really make me think. He's definitely an author worth checking out!”