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The vacation of a lifetime awaits you in Paris—City of Light—with fun-filled days and romantic nights. Now, in this informative guide, Caroline O’Connell reveals the intimate secrets and pleasures of one of the world's most exciting and beautiful cities. Caroline tells you where to look, what to do, and how to do it. She gives you an insider's view of the romantic side of Paris--the Paris that dreamers dream about, writers write about, and French lovers know. Most important, she guides you in sharing the city with that special someone.

First, Caroline helps you plan your romantic venture, from booking a flight to packing your suitcase. She then fills you in on hotels and hideaways; restaurants and bistros; antique stores and flea markets; museums, historic sites, bookstores, and concerts; street markets and gourmet stores; hot jazz clubs; and so much more. From intimate cafés to romantic country chateaus, this guide steers you to the very best that Paris and its environs have to offer, including Caroline’s “A” list of romantic spots. She even offers French phrases that you can use when conversing with your chéri. Unique "Save Some Money" boxes help you experience Paris to the max without maxing out your credit cards, and specially designed metro (subway) charts not only assist you in reaching places of interest, but also allow you to fully enjoy those Paris neighborhoods that offer the greatest wealth of cultural sights, exceptional shops, and wonderful restaurants and cafes.

If you’re looking for an experience to cherish, welcome to Every Woman’s Guide to Romance in Paris.

Caroline O'Connell
Author Bio

Caroline O’Connell heads a successful public relations firm in Los Angeles, California. Before starting her company, Caroline lived and worked in Paris, developing fluency in the French language and a love of the people and their culture. She is also the coauthor of The Best Places to Kiss in Southern California: A Romantic Travel Guide.

Table of contents



About This Book

1. Les Preparatifs

Maximize Your Trip By Planning Ahead

Making Travel ReservationsŸ Understanding Arrondissements    Ÿ Applying for Your Passport    Ÿ Travel Insurance    Ÿ Exchanging Money and Using Credit Cards    Ÿ Studying the Language and Culture   Ÿ The Importance of Referrals  Ÿ Packing    Ÿ Phones   Electronics   and Appliances    ŸYour Pre-Trip Checklist 

2. C’est La Belle VieYou Arrive! How to Adapt   

The Flight  Ÿ Finding Transportation to Your Hotel Ÿ Arriving at Your Hotel Ÿ Understanding Euros and Using ATMs Ÿ Getting to Know Your Neighborhood Ÿ Using Transportation in Paris Ÿ Using the Telephone in Paris    Ÿ Understanding French Customs Ÿ 

3. Les Fantaisies

Spoil Yourself and Discover the Secrets of French Femininity   

Hair Salons Ÿ Beauty Salons Ÿ Spas and Hammams Ÿ Lingerie StoresŸ Perfume Shops Ÿ Tea Salons   

4. La CultureLearn About History and Art Firsthand Historic SightsŸ MuseumsŸ Bookstores and LibrariesŸ Opera Ballet and Concert HallsŸ

5. La CuisineDelight in French Taste Treats   

Cafés Ÿ Restaurants  Ÿ Wine Bars Ÿ Gourmet and Specialty Food Stores Ÿ Cooking Classes Ÿ

6. Les BoutiquesSplurge in the Most Fashionable Shops in the World   

Top Fashion Houses Ÿ Designer Outlets and Vintage Stores Ÿ Department Stores   122 Ÿ Discount Stores Ÿ Accessories  Ÿ Tax Refund and Customs Information 

7. Pour la MaisonDevelop Your Decorating Style 

Museums for Home Furnishings Ÿ Antique Stores Ÿ Specialty Boutiques for Household Items  Ÿ Auction Houses Ÿ Flea Markets  

8. Les Sports et Les Excursions

Enjoy the Great Outdoors   

Gardens Ÿ Parks Ÿ Attending a Sporting Event Ÿ Engaging in Your Favorite Sport   

9. La NuitRomantic Paris by Night 

Intimate Bars  Ÿ Jazz Clubs Ÿ Movie Theaters Ÿ Paris Tours at Night Ÿ Nightclubs  Ÿ Cabarets 

10. Les PromenadesJourney Into the Countryside  

Champagne Country Ÿ Giverny Ÿ Honfleur  ŸVersailles 

11. Les SouvenirsPreserve and Share Your Memories   

Taking Photographs Ÿ Creating a Journal or Scrapbook Ÿ Reaching Out Through Facebook Twitter and YouTube  Ÿ Sending Postcards  Ÿ Collecting Memorabilia Ÿ Buying Souvenirs for Family and Friends   


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