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From the prize-winning author of Your Time to Cook and Your Time to Bake comes a clever, reader-friendly, and easy-to-follow cookbook for anyone who has said, “I wish I knew how to cook.” Although for some people, preparing a five-course gourmet meal is an effortless task, others find scrambling an egg to be a monumental challenge. Everyone’s Time to Cook is here to lend a helpful hand to anyone who feels overwhelmed in the kitchen.

The book begins with Cooking Class 101—a fun and enjoyable introduction to cooking basics, including an overview of useful kitchen gadgets and appliances, helpful guidelines for stocking the perfect pantry, and a review of common terms and techniques. Throughout, over 1,500 full-color photos provide visual assistance to ensure that the information is clear and accessible, whether it is a description of how to boil an egg, core a pepper, roast the perfect chicken, or even set a proper  table (with forks, knives, and glasses perfectly arranged!). Hundreds of foolproof kitchen-tested recipes cover everything from breakfast dishes and party snacks to luscious soups, salads, and sides. There are delectable pasta dishes and seafood favorites, as well as entrées that spotlight chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. And, of course, let’s not forget dessert! To ensure cooking success, photos accompany each recipe’s step-by-step instructions, while practical tips and “tricks” make sure that every dish is both picture perfect and perfectly delicious!

Whether you are struggling with your first attempts at cooking, tired of ordering in, or simply someone who would like to gain more confidence in the kitchen, Everyone’s Time to Cook is the perfect teacher. So light the candles, chill the wine, and let your love affair with cooking begin.

Robert L. Blakeslee
Author Bio

Robert L. Blakeslee earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts at the California College of the Arts (CCA) in Northern California. He has been a college professor at the International Fine Arts College in Miami, Florida, and is an internationally published award-winning graphic designer, art director, and creative director. The author is also a gourmet cook and a cookbook illustrator and photographer.

Table of contents

Acknowledgments, xi
Words from the Author, xii

Getting Started

1. Welcome to Your Kitchen, 5
2. Stocking the Pantry, 23
3. Terms and Techniques, 53
4. That’s Entertainment, 71

The Recipes

5. I Love Breakfast!, 87
6. Bottoms Up!, 107
7. Appeteasers, 127
8. You’re My Hero!, 145
9. Salad Days, 165
10. Soup Is Hot!, 183
11. Show-Stopping Sides, 199
12. Everyone Loves Pasta!, 233
13. Something Fishy, 255
14. Chicken Tonight, 281
15. What’s Your Beef?, 305
16. Pig and Lambs, 327
17. Holiday Feast, 345
18. Just Desserts, 359

Metric Conversion Charts, 392
Index, 393

Review Quote - Kitchen Ade (syndicated column)

"Between the book's 230 kitchen-tested recipes and its 1,500 full-color images (all taken by Blakeslee himself), no matter how seasoned you may be, you're going to discover something brand new or be reminded of something you forgot." 

Introduction or preface

Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking! Don’t be afraid. It’s a lot easier than you may think. Developing your skills in the kitchen (or improving your existing skills) is an adventure that anyone can enjoy . . . and Everyone’s Time to Cook is the perfect starting place. It is a true “first” cookbook, packed with important kitchen essentials and cooking fundamentals, as well as a collection of basic, easy-to-prepare recipes.

One of the reasons this book is such a great choice for the novice cook lies in its unique visual approach. Cooking is an art, and it’s no secret that most people tend to learn much better and quicker when they are guided visually rather than verbally. For this reason, throughout the book, you will find over a thousand full-color photos and illustrations to help make the information clear and accessible—whether it is the description of a cooking technique, a listing of kitchen staples, or directions on how to set the perfect table or brew the perfect cup of coffee. Photos also accompany each recipe’s reader-friendly step-by-step directions that further guide you to perfect results every time.

Although Everyone’s Time to Cook is designed to build a solid foundation for the inexperienced cook, if your kitchen skills are better than basic, you will also find it beneficial. In addition to discovering some great new recipes, you are likely to come across a new technique, a helpful shortcut, or a better method for preparing certain foods.

No matter what your qualifications are as a cook, you will find Everyone’s Time to Cook to be a valuable reference—one that will hopefully become the cornerstone of your cooking experience. May it help make your kitchen a happy place where you share good food, good times, and good memories.

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