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Square One Publishers
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8 - 12 (Interest age, years)

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Square One Publishers is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of one of South Africa’s best-selling children’s books, the Freeing Freddie: The Dream Weaver Series comprised of three titles: Freeing Freddie: The Dream Weaver—the Reader, the Workbook, and the Activity Book.

The books are designed to help children and youth age eight and up to overcome their fears and access their dreams. Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver is a beautifully illustrated book that captivates children through the character of Freddie, a young boy who lives in a magical rainforest. The reader accompanies Freddie on a journey of discovery as he meets Mr. Cotton, the giant friendly spider who teaches Freddie how to let go of his fears, become part of a loving world, and create the life of his dreams. Throughout this magical tale, the reader learns important life lessons and acquires tools that enhance development. The Workbook and the Activity Book engage the child in dozens of fun games, puzzles, and projects—from making crafts to baking goodies. In addition, the Freeing Freddie website offers audio instructions for both children and adults that accompany the visualization techniques found in the Workbook.

In South Africa, the series was published and distributed by the Tomorrow Trust, a non-profit organization devoted to the education of orphans and vulnerable children. Through its network of educators, orphanages, and supporters, the series sold well over 50,000 copies through special sales. To learn more about the amazing work carried out by the Tomorrow Trust and its mission, please visit their website at

In October, Square One will be releasing the Americanized edition of the Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver Series. Upon the books' release, Brent Feinberg and Kim Normand will be promoting the books throughout the United States. Specifics of their tour will be announced through their publicist. A portion of all profits will be going to US and SA non-profits helping to educate children in need.

Brent Feinberg Daniel Clarke
Author Bio

Brent Feinberg is a best-selling children's book author. He was born in 1990 in South Africa. He is an integrative healer and practitioner in consciousness based health care. He has his triple Reiki Masters, is a Bodytalk practitioner, yoga teacher and well known speaker. He started his training at the young age of 13yrs. Brent is passionate about empowering children and youth in order for them to live healthy fulfilled lives. He is a gentle soul who is driven to make a positive change in the world. Freeing Freddie, the Dream Weaver is the first title that he has written. Thousands of children, youth and adults have raved about the impact they have experienced reading and working with the books. His second title will be launching in South Africa in 2018. Currently, Brent splits his time between the United States and Cape Town, SA. 

Daniel Clarke  is the talented illustrator of the series. Daniel is a South African born artist. He is self-taught in many modalities. He is an animator illustrator and works on large canvases.

Review Quote - Midwest Book Review, "The Picturebook Shelf"

"A beautifully illustrated picture book . . . Throughout this magical tale, the young reader learns important life lessons and acquires tools that enhance development. While unreservedly recommended for elementary school and community library collections, it should be noted for families that there is also a 'Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver' Activity Book (9780757004599, $16.95) for children ages 4 to 10, and a 'Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver' Workbook (9780757004605, $19.95) for children ages 12 and older, that fully engage the child in dozens of fun games, puzzles, and projects ranging from making crafts to baking goodies."

Review Quote -

“Will enchant, captivate and comfort as well . . . lush, color-drenched illustrations [that] sometimes feel as if they’re springing to vivid life right off the page . . . more than enough to capture a child’s imagination, and parents will recognize the meaning and value within . . . in a year when so much can seem to be wrong with the world, this lovely set of books reminds us that there’s plenty to celebrate as well.”

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