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Go wild in the kitchen! Venture beyond the usual beans, grains, and vegetables to include an exciting variety of organic vegetarian fare in your meals. Going Wild in the Kitchen shows you how. In addition to providing helpful cooking tips and  techniques, this book offers over 150 kitchen-tested recipes for taste-tempting dishes that contain such unique ingredients as edible flowers; tasty sea vegetables; wild mushrooms, berries, and herbs; and exotic ancient grains like teff, quinoa, and Chinese “forbidden” black rice. Author Leslie Cerier encourages the creative instincts of novice and seasoned cooks alike, prompting them to “go wild” by adding, changing, or substituting ingredients in existing recipes.

Going Wild in the Kitchen is more than a unique cookbook—it’s a recipe for inspiration. Excite
your palate with this treasure trove of distinctive, healthy, and taste-tempting recipe creations.

Leslie Cerier
Author Bio

Leslie Cerier is a gourmet organic caterer, cooking instructor, and nutritional expert. She is the author of The Quick and Easy Organic Gourmet and coauthor of Sea Vegetable Celebrations. A pioneer and national authority on wheat-free baking and cooking with wild foods and whole grains, Ms. Cerier has developed recipes for organic food companies for the past two decades. She has also published dozens of articles on vegetarian cooking, nutrition, and organic lifestyles. 

Table of contents





1.  Recipe for Inspiration

2.  Morning Bliss, 

3.  Loving Spoonfuls, 

4.  Sauces, Dips, and Dressings, 

5.  Flavored Oils and Vinegars, 

6.  Salads and “Wraps,” 

7.  Super Sides, 

8.  Ancient Wisdom, Ancient Grains, 

9.  Main Attractions, 

10.  Just Desserts, 

Metric Conversion Tables,




Review Quote - VegParadise

"There's absolutely nothing buttoned-down about this creative cookbook author, a delightful trait that shines through on nearly every page . . . innovatively crafted." 

Introduction or preface


I’ve always been crazy about the great taste and wholesome goodness of organically grown foods. To me, there is nothing more appealing and delicious than fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruits. Add to that, the incomparable flavors of wild mushrooms and berries, aromatic herbs, exotic ancient grains like quinoa and teff, delectable sheep and goat’s milk cheeses, tasty vegetables from the sea, and a variety of edible flowers that offer both visual appeal and distinctive flavor—and it’s no wonder that I’m crazy about these natural gifts of the earth. And with Mother Nature as my ever-present guide, it’s easy to go wild in the kitchen, adapting to the bounty of the season while conjuring up exciting new dishes, and reinventing old family favorites.

            Sharing the skills and excitement of creative vegetarian cooking with you is my greatest wish. And whether you are a novice or experienced cook, Going Wild in the Kitchen will help you stretch your culinary capabilities and show you just how easy, fun, and deliciously satisfying this cooking style can be. Improvise, improvise, im­provise! I’ll show you how to adjust recipes according to the seasonal availability of ingredients, and venture beyond standard organic beans, grains, and vegetables to incorporate foods like wild greens and roots, edible flowers, and ancient grains into your meals. As vegetarianism continues to gain momentum, more and more of these lesser-known foods are making their way to the forefront of a health-conscious nation. And as you will see, not only do they add nutritional value to dishes, their unique tastes and textures provide flavor and interest as well. 

            To start you off on the right foot, the book opens with a helpful chapter called “Recipe for Inspiration.” Consider it a primer, a place to turn when you have a question regarding an ingredient, a preparation method, or a cooking technique. In it, you’ll find extensive glossaries that cover each of these subjects, as well as informative tables to help guide you in selecting edible flowers and wild foods, preparing various beans and grains, and experimenting with flavorful herbs and spices.

            What follows next are nine chapters filled with over 150 of my favorite recipes. To kick things off, “Morning Bliss” includes a collection of delectable breakfast dishes from pancakes and waffles to smoothies and scrambles—something for everyone. Looking for a sensational soup? Whether you’re craving a bowl of something light and brothy or thick and hearty, you can count on “Loving Spoonfuls” to provide you with the perfect choice. “Super Sides” and “Main Attractions” include enough mouthwatering entrées and accompaniments to keep you and your family well fed and satisfied, while “Just Desserts” offers a wonderful array of luscious treats, including cakes, cookies, pies, and more. You’ll also find recipes for delicious sauces and dips, sensational salads, and appetizing wraps. There is even a chapter devoted to making your own flavored oils and vinegars.

            Believe me, there isn’t a recipe I prepare that is etched in stone. And although you can make the dishes in this book as presented, I encourage you to use them as springboards for creating your own unique variations. Rely on your instincts and imagination to make use of whatever ingredients are on hand or in season.

            To further help you flex your sense of cooking creativity, in each chapter, I’ve included a “Mix and Match” chart that provides plenty of ideas for ingredient substitutions. Don’t ever be afraid to add, omit, alter, or substitute.

            It’s time to roll up your sleeves and follow your instincts . . . time to enjoy the experience of creating healthful meals that are both satisfying and delicious . . . time to “go wild” in the kitchen!

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