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You are invited to come aboard one of America’s premier health cruises. Too busy to get away? Even if you can’t swim in the ship’s pool, you can still enjoy its gourmet cuisine, because natural foods expert Sandy Pukel and master chef Mark Hanna have created Greens and Grains on the Deep Blue Sea Cookbook—a titanic collection of the most popular vegetarian dishes served aboard the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruises.

Each of the book’s more than 120 recipes is designed to provide not only great taste, but also maximum nutrition. Choose from among an innovative selection of tastetempting appetizers, soups, salads, entrées, side dishes, and desserts. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure that even novices will have superb results. With Greens and Grains on the Deep Blue Sea Cookbook, you can enjoy fabulous signature dishes from the Holistic Holiday at Sea cruises—in the comfort of your own home.

Sandy Pukel Mark Hanna
Author Bio

Sandy Pukel has long been involved in the natural foods industry. He and Michio Kushi founded a network of centers for teaching natural foods cooking. Sandy has also created several natural foods businesses, including Holistic Holiday at Sea.

Mark Hanna, head chef for Holistic Holiday at Sea, began his macrobiotics education in 1978 and has cooked at macrobiotic centers, retreats, and natural food restaurants throughout North America. He takes a creative approach to the normally austere macrobiotic cuisine.

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1.  Sensational Starters,

2.  Soups for the Soul,

3.  The Salad Bowl,

4.  Main Course Adventures,

5.  On the Side,

6.  Perfect Endings,

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Introduction or preface

What does a cruise have to do with a cookbook? Well, cruises are supposed to be fun-filled experiences with fabulous food as an anticipated highlight--and people expect to indulge themselves. They spend a week aboard these food fests at sea, gain ten or twelve pounds, and promise themselves that they’ll work off the excess fat and cholesterol when they get home. Sometimes they do . . . often they don’t.

            Now imagine going on a cruise, enjoying the food to your heart’s content, and actually leaving the ship feeling better and healthier than you did before boarding. That’s exactly what people experience on the Holistic Holiday at Sea. Between visits to exotic ports of call, they are pampered onboard the ship as never before. Along with spectacular entertainment and a wide choice of health-related workshops and activities, passengers enjoy a bounty of food that is both healthful and delicious. At the end of the vacation, they look and feel great. They are more energetic and generally more positive and optimistic. Many even look younger than they did before setting sail. Sure, part of that youthful glow is from the sun and the fun, but most of it comes from eight days of eating food that brings joy to the palate and restoration to the body. They have experienced what can happen when natural foods are prepared properly--with flare, flavor, and fun.

             Modern scientific research has confirmed that a plant-based vegan diet not only helps prevent chronic degenerative disease, it also plays a role in the recovery from a number of health conditions. The food served on these cruises supports these conclusions. Notable names in the field of health, such as Deepak Chopra, MD; Sherry Rogers, MD; Dean Ornish, MD; Neal Barnard, MD; T. Colin Campbell, PhD; and Michio Kushi, all consider proper diet the key to vibrant health and happiness. They are among the manyleaders who have set sail on Holistic Holiday at Sea cruises and have served as keynote speakers.

            The hard work and dedication of Sandy Pukel and John Belleme cannot be overlooked when considering the success of these voyages to the Caribbean, which continue to grow in popularity. Their decades-long involvement in the natural foods industry has resulted in a partnership with a solitary goal--to merge the pleasure of a getaway vacation with the joys of good health. Obviously, food is a very big part of this winning formula, and the talents of macrobiotic head chef Mark Hanna and pastry chef Carolyn Trompeter ensure that the dining experience for all passengers is a memorable one. Presiding over a kitchen staff of more than 150, Mark bears the huge responsibility of turning out a week of delicious healthful meals for over 800 people. He is completely committed to making great food, but he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

            That, in essence, is the purpose of the Grains and Greens on the Deep Blue Sea Cookbook. Because you may not able to experience a Holistic Holiday at Sea vacation firsthand, this book has been created to help you share the dining experience in your own home. In it, you’ll find over 120 of the most popular dishes served aboard these shipboard holidays, including a distinctive selection of taste-tempting appetizers, sensational soups, five-star salads, satisfying entrées, flavorful side dishes, and delectable desserts. Never has healthy tasted so good! You’ll savor every bite. As an added bonus, you don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to prepare the dishes. Easy-to-follow directions ensure that even the novice cook will meet with successful results.

            Living a life that is healthy and energizing is the essential spirit behind natural foods cooking. It is the same spirit found in the recipes in this book--recipes that are intended to help you to enjoy life fully. So even if you are not able to set sail on a Holistic Holiday at Sea cruise, you can still enjoy its fabulous signature dishes whenever you desire--in the comfort of your own home.