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Buzztime Entertainment, the interactive gaming network, is played and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people at home, in sports bars, and in restaurants. Now this popular game is available in book form--but unlike other trivia books, these are actually fun to play. While other books reveal the answers below the questions or group all of the answers together, the Buzztime format allows you to see only one answer at a time. That way, readers can play along. Besides being packed with challenging questions, the Buzztime Trivia Series provides fascinating facts along with the answers. These are no ordinary trivia books!

The Buzztime Trivia Series is designed to put your knowledge of movies, radio, television, sports, and music to the test, with each celebrity author putting a little of himself in each game. And with dozens of individual games--nearly a thousand intriguing questions!--each book is bound to provide hours of stimulating competition. From cover to cover, the Buzztime Trivia Series is pure entertainment.

Joe Franklin
Author Bio

Joe Franklin (March 9, 1926–January 24, 2015) was a radio and television personality from New York City who hosted the first television talk show. The show began in 1950 on WJZ-TV (later WABC-TV) and moved to WOR-TV (later WWOR-TV) from 1962 to 1993.

Known as the "King of Nostalgia," Franklin's highly-rated show focused on old-time show business personalities. Franklin would delight his audience with trivia about the most obscure entertainers from out of the past, and equally unknown up-and-comers from the present. His guests ranged from novelty performers (Tiny Tim, another person obsessed with entertainment of the past, was a frequent guest) to popular mainstream show business icons like Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, and Bing Crosby among many others. This show was often parodied by Billy Crystal during the 1984–1985 season of Saturday Night Live.

After retiring from the TV show, Franklin concentrated on an all-night night radio show, playing old records on WOR-AM on Saturday evenings and later interviewing a number of celebrities on the Bloomberg Radio Network.

Franklin interviewed over 100,000 guests during his 43-year TV run. These included five U.S. Presidents, and screen legends such as Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and Cary Grant.

An author, Franklin has written 23 books. He also starred as himself in countless films, most notably the original Ghostbusters and Broadway Danny Rose.

Table of contents

How to Play the Games


1 James Bond   

2 Game Show Trivia   

3 The ’70s   

4 Grab Bag   

5 Nominees & Winners   

6 The Beatles   

7 Frank Sinatra   

8 Grab Bag 

9 Friends   

10 The Great Directors   

11 TV Trivia 

12 Grab Bag   

13 Theme Songs and Soundtracks   

14 Musicals and Singers   

15 TV Children  

16 Grab Bag   

17 Family Fare   

18 The ’80s   

19 The Silver Screen   

20 Grab Bag   

21 Songs   Albums   and Performers   

22 General Music Trivia   

23 World of Animation   

24 Grab Bag 

25 Deaths  

26 Notorious Couplings   

27 Barbra Streisand   

28 Grab Bag   

29 Young Stars   

30 Divas and Leading Ladies 

31 Sketch Comedies   

32 Grab Bag   

33 Locations   

34 Detectives   

35 Role Play   

36 Grab Bag   

37 Leading Men   

38 Identify the Quote 

39 One-Hit Wonders   

40 Grab Bag 

41 Sci-Fi   

42 Family Affairs   29

43 Stallone Zone   

44 Grab Bag   

45 Talk Show Trivia   

46 The ’60s   

47 The Silent Film Era   

48 Grab Bag   

49 What Became of. . .

50 Horror House   247

51 Brothers and Sisters   273

52 Grab Bag   

53 Odd Jobs   

54 Name the Actress   

55 The Marx Brothers   

56 Grab Bag 

57 Woody Allen   

58 Basic Transportation   

59 All About Elvis   

60 Grab Bag 

61 Which Came First?   

62 The Final Curtain   

63 The Music Biz   

64 Grab Bag   

65 British Music Invasion   

66 Shakespeare   

67 Movies of the ’30s   

68 Grab Bag   

69 Movies of the ’40s   

70 Superheroes   

71 Movies of the ’50s 

72 Grab Bag 

73 Old Time Radio   

74 The ’90s and Beyond   

75 War Movies   

76 Grab Bag   

77 Western Entertainment 

78 The Script 

79 Bob Dylan   

80 Grab Bag   

About the Author   

Review Quote - Says Me Says Mom (blog)

"Buzztime Trivia books are a fun time filler, and I would really recommend them."