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The story of Jumping Mouse, from the Native American tradition, is a compelling tale about the journey to acquire inner trust—the ability to trust the path of our own hearts. We travel along with Jumping Mouse as he is challenged by the stages and initiations one must face in order to trust within: paradox, ambiguity, betrayal, doubt, the leap of faith, the pull of consensus reality, and the subtleties of discernment.

Juxtaposed with contemporary analogies and gentle teaching, the story guides us in our quest to learn when to, whether to, and to trust. As Jumping Mouse journeys to the Sacred Mountain— the heart of his true self—and discovers that which gives his life meaning and purpose, we feel the reawakening of innocence and the birth of trust in the moment and in ourselves. And as he learns to totally trust the promptings of his heart, our spirits take flight and soar far beyond the pages of the book to the heart of our own truth.

Here is a NEW EDITION with an experiential guide of rituals and ceremonies for individuals, couples, and groups.

Mary Elizabeth Marlow
Author Bio

MARY ELIZABETH MARLOW is an international speaker and seminar leader, transpersonal teacher, storyteller, and intuitive counselor. She is author of Handbook for the Emerging Woman and co-author with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) of Being and Vibration . Her books have been translated into eight languages. Mary Elizabeth is known for her intuitive ability to go straight to the heart of an issue. With the creative use of dreams, spontaneous drawings and 190 JUMPING MOUSE inner processes, she helps others decode the mysteries in identifying soul patterns (core patterns which repeat) and encouraging others to embrace their soul calling (their unique talents, gifts, and attributes). She serves as guide to many on their spiritual journey and empowers others with a new sense of their authentic selves.

Table of contents




Chapter One
Mouse Village

Chapter Two
Leap of Faith

Chapter Three
Death of Trust

Chapter Four
Facing Doubt

Chapter Five
Opening the Intuitive Heart

Chapter Six
Inner Knowing

Chapter Seven
With the Eyes of an Eagle

Appendix: Experiential Guide


About the Author

Excerpt from book


I wish to acknowledge the following people for their invaluable contributions to this book:

The Plains Indian People of the Native American tradition for their gift of this sacred story;

Corrine, a beautiful Seneca Indian who came to be a part of our family when I was born, who nurtured and cared for me, and imparted in me a love of the Native American people, their songs, and their stories;

Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), without whom I may have wandered the world over without ever being introduced to the wisdom of the Ancient Ones;

The late Paul Solomon, who awakened in me a love for the unifying Spirit in all traditions;

John Nelson, author and long-time friend, invaluable sounding board and critic throughout the writing of this book, who insisted on more when I would have settled for less;

Lynn Paine, dear friend and fellow therapist, for support and encouragement;

My many friends throughout the world, representing diverse traditions from any different countries, who have honored me with their sacred stories and in so doing have demonstrated that amid diversity there is the One Great Spirit.

Introduction or preface


An East Indian teacher once challenged a group of students to share one truth that they knew. Immediately, hands went up. Each person, in turn, confidently shared impressive bits of knowledge and information, for these were students with academic accolades and advanced studies in metaphysics. The teacher listened patiently as each person took his turn, then spoke with piercing clarity. "What you have shared is not what you know. It is only what you have learned from someone else. It is borrowed truth. Go off by yourselves. Take as long as you need. Re-examine your lives, your experiences. Come back only when you have discovered something you personally know."

What this teacher knew, and perhaps what we all sense at some inextricable level, is that to know and to trust your own truth is probably the single most challenging issue of any of us ever face. We long to have the courage to trust within.

On a personal level, men and women alike are confronted with the dilemma of not knowing how to trust. As a society, we are sobered by the reality that much of what we have trusted in our political, religioud, economic, and social world is in flux. If, as people, our trust is solely in external form, we are in jeopardy. If, on the other hand, we know and trust our inenr truth, it is easier to sense what is trustworthy in our outer world. We are less likely to be misled, or thrown off balance, or pulled in conflicting directions. Both personally and collectively, we need to re-examine who and what we trust. We want to know when to, whether to, and how to trust.

Some years ago, I heard a story that spoke about trust in a voice all its own. The story, Jumping Mouse, is an ancient legend from the Native American tradition. I felt as though I had been waiting for this story all my entire life; it touched my soul with a resounding chord of resonance. I wept from a deep place within. I knew it was my story, for the issue of trust has been a major theme in m personal mythology. And I knew it was not just my story; at some level it is everybody's story.

Jumping Mouse is ancient in origin but timely in concept. It is a compelling story in initiation told in the language of the heart. It is whimsical, yet profound. In this legend, a mouse leaves the familiar, undertakes heroic tasks, meets overwhelming obstacles, makes difficult choices, and resolves paradoxes. As Jumping Mouse faces the mosaic of challenges demaning more and more courage to trust within, we journey alongside him and interface with our own obstacles. We face confusion, doubt, fear, and reawaken innocence and trust in the moment in ourselves. In the end, we are empoweed, for Jumping Mouse is a triumph of the Soul.

Perhaps your experience with the story will be similar to mine. Once heard, this story becomes an integral part of the listener. It never leaves. It continually calls us to remember who we are. With each telling, there are new discoveries, and the heart is opened a bit more. It may be that the full disclosure of its seep mysteries is a lifetime task.

I tell the story as it speaks to me, and continues to speak--with a plethora of feelings, memories, images, and metaphors, and with other stories which juxtapose themselves along Jumping Mouse.

As you read, I invite you to pause along the way. Sense your own inner alliance with the collective wisdom of the story. Allow your spirit to take flight and soar far beyond the pages of this book to the heart of your own truth.