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Designed for parents, teachers, health professionals, and all who share in the care of children, Kids First helps you determine the underlying causes of many children’s illness and assists you in creating a healing program that will produce lasting results.

Chiropractic healer Dr. Ogi Ressel first looks at the history of conventional medicine, including the current focus on medication. The remainder of the book explains and explores how you can maintain children’s health without using drugs that actually interfere with an individual’s innate potential for wholeness. The topics covered include nutrition during pregnancy, infantile colic, fever, ear infections, asthma, and much more. Commonsense remedies are offered, and important topics such as vaccination are discussed in depth. Finally, the author provides the information you need to choose a chiropractor who can restore and safeguard your family’s well-being. 

If you have been looking for a more natural, more effective, and far safer way to care for children, Kids First: Health With No Interference will prove to be a valuable reference book as well as a lively bedside read.

Ogi Ressel
Author Bio

Dr. Ogi Ressel received his degree in Physiology from the University of Toronto. In 1976, he earned his Chiropractic degree and has since become an avid researcher in the field of alternative health. Dr. Ressel is an international lecturer and writer for Alive Magazine, Canada's largest health publication. His “Kids First” columns appear in a number of newspapers across Canada and the United States. 


Table of contents



My Mission    


1.   Health Care―Not what you thought?

2.   Paradigm Shift    

3.   Chiropractic―Handmade Health Care    

4.   Innate Intelligence    

5.   Raising a Drug-free Family    

6.   Infertility   

7.   Baby Talk    

8.   Traumatic Birth Syndrome    

9.   Infantile Colic    

10. Dirt     

11. Fever Frenzy    

12. Ear Infections   

13. Bed Wetting―Nocturnal Enuresis    

14. Asthma    

15. Allergies    

16. Scoliosis     

17. Growing Pains    

18. Digestive Health―Crohn’s Disease   Ulcerative

Colitis   and Irritable Bowel Syndrome   

19. Poisoning Your Children    

20. Becoming Sweeter    

21. Readin’   Ritin’   and Ritalin: The Ritalin and Prozac Controversy   

22. Cell Phones and Kids: The Controversy   

23. Vaccination―For Health or Profit?   

24. Arthritis and Spinal Degeneration   

25. Choosing a Chiropractor   


Appendix—The Politics of Health    


About the Author    


Introduction or preface

We are in the midst of a revolution in health care. A study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reports that people are seeking health care that is “congruent with their own values, beliefs, and philosophical orientations toward life and health.”

The chiropractic profession is at the leading edge in health care reform. As the largest drugless health profession, and the second largest healing art, the chiropractic profession has the vision, commitment, and resources to fill a vital need in society.

In Kids First: Health With No Interference, Dr. Ogi Ressel has distilled decades of clinical experience into an easy-to-read book for parents, teachers, health professionals, and all who share a vision of wellness for generations to come.

The World Health Organization defines health as “complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity.” This is the goal of the doctor of chiropractic—working to eliminate interference with a person’s innate potential for wholeness.

Children are our most precious resource. Regular chiropractic care enables children to experience the joys and challenges of life in harmony with the dynamics of nature. Dr. Ressel has produced this book to empower you with knowledge that will enable your children to enjoy the benefits of a life that expresses their optimum potential for health and happiness. 

Victor Hugo wrote: “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has arrived.” I must respectfully disagree. More powerful than the idea itself is the individual who has the passion, commitment, and knowledge to make the idea a reality. This book is your guide to making health a reality for generations to come.

—Dr. Christopher Kent