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Manifestation expert, Dr. Joe Gallenberger distilled decades of wisdom about creating your dreams into a quick and effective meditation called Liquid Luck. He wanted to give people a simple and fun way to access heart-based manifestation and see immediate results in the form of days filled with synchronicity, serendipity, and good fortune.

With Liquid Luck's release on CD, delightful tales came flooding in describing instant success. People reported receiving money from unexpected sources, winning lotto and raffle tickets, selling houses in an hour, having businesses take off, solving intractable problems easily, receiving brilliant ideas for inventions and many more wonderful stories of manifestation. 

The book Liquid Luck: The Essentials of Creating Good Fortune shares these inspiring stories in the explorer's own words, interwoven with exploration of the vital components for powerful abundance creation. Gallenberger delves into the meat and potatoes of how these principles work. He covers why happiness, gratitude, compassion, praise, love, and feeling abundant are essential and how these qualities can be increased in practical ways. Gallenberger reveals how to transcend the limiting beliefs and emotions that usually keep us confined to old patterns. His knowledge and the stories show us that we can indeed be miracle workers in our own lives.  Liquid Luck is an essential handbook that will be consulted repeatedly, offering a clear path toward our dreams lit with humor and heart.

Joe Gallenberger
Author Bio

DR. JOE GALLENBERGER is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience. He is in demand internationally as a psychokinesis and manifestation workshop provider. He is a senior trainer at The Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC² program. He developed SyncCreation®: a Home Study Course in Manifestation and has taught over 80 Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops. His book Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health and Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook received rave reviews. Author Residence: Hendersonville, NC.

Table of contents



Chapter 1: Happiness and Grounding

Chapter 2: Graditude

Chapter 3: Abundance

Chapter 4: Compassion

Chapter 5: Love

Chapter 6: Praise

Chapter 7: Luck

Chapter 8: Synchronicity, Serendipity, Timing, and Trust

Chapter 9: Dragons Guarding Treasure

Chapter 10: Tales of Treasure

Chapter 11: Binaural Beat Meditation

Chapter 12: Tools for Mastering Manifestation

Chapter 13: Summary   

Appendix 1: Recommended Websites

Appendix 2: Recommended Readings

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Introduction or preface


The first day I tried Liquid Luck, we solved a complex hardware/software interface problem in the lab that had resisted our efforts for two years. Not bad! I liked the format, very smooth. Will use it again, and let you know what else happens. Thanks -- R.D.

In the past year I developed a meditation exercise designed to summarize decades of experience teaching manifestation into its essential components. This exercise can be applied effectively in less than one hour's time. The idea was for the exercise to provide the listener with an exceptionally lucky day filled with wisdom, synchronicity, and good fortune whenever desired. Within hours of its release on compact disc, as Liquid Luck: A Heart Based Meditation Designed to Increase Good Fortune, stories of success began flooding in. I will share many of these stories as we journey through this book. The meditation was constructed to slip under the formidable emotional and belief blocks that usually frustrate attempts to improve our situations and to facilitate immediate access to the special energies needed to create what we desire quickly and easily.

As time went on the amazing stories of success continued. People were having results in areas that I had not anticipated, well beyond increased financial abundance. It became clear to me that a book that explored more deeply why the Liquid Luck meditation is so effective and elaborated on the special, even sacred, triggered by the meditation would be most helpful. The book will include many exercises and tips for generating and sustaining these important manifestation energies.

While Liquid Luckthe meditation, was designed to trigger an exceptionally lucky day, Liquid Luck, the book reveals why this works and how these same principles applied more broadly every day, can result in a life filled to the brim with abundance, love, and happiness. This state of continuous well-being can benefit the reader, loved ones, and the larger community in significant ways. As with the meditation, I am committed to making this book as clear, concise, and practical as possible.

My book, Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health, describes in detail my journey of discovery and application of energy to influence physical reality in my own life and then with my students. I will summarize Inner Vegas here in a few paragraphs so that you have some idea where I am coming from up to the point where Liquid Luck begins.

I am a clinical psychologist with thirty years experience as a therapist. I retired from clinical practice about nine years ago to devote my time to teaching how to enhance what we manifest into our lifes. In 1992, I began to investigate psychokinesis (PK), which is the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. PK can be used to illuminate light bulbs, bend metal and plastic, sprout seeds in your hand, influence computers, dice, and slot machines, and create healing and abundance--all just using the power of your human energy in a special way. Being able to do these things is incredibly exciting to me! Another great thing about PK is that it can be measured scientifically and results can be shown, often in minutes, giving ultra clear feedback that "something important is happening."

Achieving powerful PK results to a high degree of statistical significance at a university laboratory under controlled conditions allowed me to know that PK was real. The experiments gave me a taste of how the wonderful the energy needed to do PK felt. As I was applying PK and seeing results, my heart would often be pounding. I felt surges of joy, gratitude, and amazement.

After five years of developing methods to convey this skill to groups, I have used my discoveries to host over seventy Inner Vegas Adventure workshops in the casinos of Las Vegas, where participants journey deeply into personal power. My students often achieve dramatic physical and psychological healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many marvelous manifestations in their lives at home. The casino is an excellent classroom because in using PK to manifest abundance there, with the concrete feedback of win and loss, it is clear within minutes whether the person is being effective at the principles being taught. And with even small amounts of money being wagered, motivation and attention to the lessons is very high! This allows very rapid learning of the mental and emotional field and skill set required for the most effective manifesting of what one desires.

When some people see or hear the word Vegas, they immediately respond, "Oh, this is not for me, I don't gamble." Well, if you have ever married, had children, started a business, or even crossed the street in traffic, you are indeed a high roller, in that you are taking risks or gambling with things such as your health and happiness, which are much important than money! To manifest abundance, it is helpful to embrace risk. Risk is good--it is how we learn, grow, and change things for the better. I can sympathize if your reaction to risk is leery. Most of us, including me, were taught that, "Oh, that is risky" meant caution, stop, do not proceed or you will hurt yourself or others. However, we would not have any new inventions, companies, marriage proposals, or progress is everyone avoided all risk. Would it not be better to learn how to risk intelligently, with clear access to the wisdom and intuition of your heart and surefire access to the correct energy to maximize chances of success? That is what is taught in my workshops.

I am also a senior facilitator at The Monroe Institute. I train a spectrum of Monroe programs and developed the Institute's highly successful MC2 (Manifestation and Creation Squared) program which teaches psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation. I also developed SyncCreation: a Course in Manifestation, which is the home study version of the MC2 program. I journey intentionally as a workshop presenter on these topics.

The Monroe Institute (TMI) is world renowned as a place to explore the potentials of human consciousness using a special technology called Hemi-Sync. This Hemi-Sync technology uses something called binaural beats, listened to over headphones that allow the listener to move easily into deep meditative states without years of practice. This deep meditation effect is achieved without need for any particular dogma. It works for atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Republicans, and Democrats alike.

My connection with the Monroe Institute is important to understand because part of the success of Liquid Luck, the recording, is because it uses a binaural beat technology similar to which I had been working with for over two decades at TMI. And this allows people listening to Liquid Luck to enter the enhanced states of awareness needed to easily and quickly tap into the special energies that I will be discussing in this book. For those interested I will go into more detail about this amazing technology and how it can help with abundance goals in Chapter Eleven of this book.

By the start of college I was familiar books that discussed abundance creation including Norman Vincent Peale's The Power of Positive Thinking, first published in 1952; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, first published in 1937; and Ester and Jerry Hicks The Law of Attraction, recently popularized by the film The Secret. In fact, these types of books go back at least to middle Egyptian dynasty times, in a work called the Kabylion. But for me all of this reading is usually produced only weak or mixed results most of the time, until the study and practice of PK lit a fire under me by suggesting how to actually raise and focus the right kind of energy for miracle results.

It is fair to ask why this idea of manifestation was and is so important to me.

On July 15, 1991 my dear brother Peter committed suicide. This rocked my world deeply. I wrote Brother's Forever: An Unexpected Journey Beyond Deathwhich was published in 1996 as a result of this experience. Peter was handsome, intelligent, honest, hard working, generous, and charismatic, yet he could not create success in work and after decades of effort slowly sunk into despair.

In my agonizing about the meaning of this event I began to ponder what happens when we don't positively influence our lives, and even worse, what happens if we tend to manifest the exact opposite of what we want on a regular basis--negative PK if you will! And what would cause a distortion in our life path such as chronic negative manifestation and all the suffering it produces for us and those around us? I realized fairly quickly that the main driver of such distortion was not a vengeful god but rather the playing out of the formidable energy of fear coupled with limited beliefs. It does not appear that we live in a free choice universe where we are free to think and feel negatively or positively. But the way we think and feel tends to become fairly habitual and when we do this consistently in one direction, that direction, whether negative or positive, begins to manifest and reinforce that particular direction, perpetuating cycle be it negative or positive. It was clear from my brother's experience that it is not sufficient to be a good person; one must also feel deserving of receiving goodness, learning to alleviate fear, and to be in positive energy.

Catalyzed by my brother's death and often seeing similar patterns in my psychotherapy clients, I began to look at this more deeply. It seems that most people do little to actively influence their lives in a positive direction, except applying things such as study, hard work, and hope to goals that they would like to achieve ... with a good bit of fear mixed in that they will perhaps will not get the break, or are not good enough. That often results in a life with a mixture of good and bad things happening. There seems to be a continuum of those who seem to be naturally lucky people, to folks where most everything seems to go long. When we look more closely at each of the opposite ends of the spectrum, it becomes apparent that we are doing much to actively create our reality.

As in my brother's case, because of ever-increasing fear that he would not make it, in the context of mounting intolerable financial pressures, negative manifestation can result in disaster. On the other end of the continuum, we see ever-increasing success and we have cultural wisdom, "the rich get richer." So we have some people who often unconsciously create horrendous situations for themselves, and those who create mostly rich rewarding experiences. Most people are hampered to a greater or lesser degree by their fears and lack of miracle energy, yet some people enjoy an ever-increasing arc of good fortune and often then bless the world with their abundance of ideas, money, job creating, and solutions to important problems. Yes, it is possible to make a great deal of money "on the backs of others," but this tends to come at a great personal cost in other important areas of abundance, such as happiness, health, nurturing relationships, and spiritual progress.

I feel it is very important to understand how we manifest our individual and collective lives, because at this time there is a high degree of fear in our world that is pulling us toward manifesting a very negative future. For example, because of fear of terrorism now, we see our privacy rights in the U.S. being diminished, where much of what we do is monitored and we can be taken without charges or legal representation to an unknown place for an unlimited time in the name of Homeland Security. So we have moved away from the threat of terrorism taking away some of our citizens' freedoms to live happily and healthy, to our fear response to terrorism, which indeed takes away the freedom, privacy, and important rights of all our citizens. This shift has been dramatic. When I traveled in Europe pre-9/11, there was a palpable appreciation and desire for the "American" way of life. Now when I travel there, folks respectfully take me aside and express concern that the American dream is dying in the United States. And many Europeans report their fear of coming to visit what they see now as the American police state, particularly if they have experienced firsthand the entry process for foreign visitors established at our borders after 9/11.

This saddens me deeply, but I also see the immense reserve of good will, creativity, and love of freedom that exists in the United States and know how we can get back on track if we can get our fear on control. And that starts by the majority of us individually getting our own fear under control and visioning a positive future. Spoiler alert! I used to try to meet fear with courage, now I melt fear with love. And this book will give you many ways in invoke the power of love to do this. My new mantra is "Fear is expensive, love is priceless, choose wisely!" Someone was kind enough to put my saying on a wooden sign and gift it to me. I placed the sign on the wall of my office near my computer, where I see it many times a day. This is good because I need to be reminded of it often.

From my point of view we very much need to understand how we create our reality and master the tools needed for creating positive future at this tipping point in our society. My hope is that this book will help many individuals create a much more heavenly situation for themselves, knowing that this is likely to positively impact those around them. But even further, as groups of people live from these empowering principles we can make rapid progress in creating a great future for the world community.