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In Memory Warp, Mark Pendergrast sounds a clarion call to stop the ongoing pseudoscience of “repressed memory therapy,” which has destroyed millions of families and continues to do so. In the 1990s, Pendergrast’s book Victims of Memory helped to debunk the repressed memory craze. Now, more than two decades later, he revisits the subject and proves that this form of “therapy” is still widespread, still destroying family relationships and causing false allegations of terrible crimes against innocent parents and caregivers. With meticulous research and captivating writing, Pendergrast brings coverage of this issue up to date.

Mark Pendergrast
Author Bio

Independent scholar and science writer Mark Pendergrast has written well-researched, critically acclaimed nonfiction books about a wide variety of subjects. He lives in Colchester, Vermont, and can be reached through his website,

Table of contents


Introduction: The Return of the Repressed

1  How to Become a Survivor

2  The Memory Maze

3  How to Believe the Unbelievable

4  Multiple Personalities and Satanic Cults

5  And a Little Child Shall Lead Them (and Be Led)

6  A Brief History: The Witch Craze, Reflex Arcs, and Freud’s Legacy

7  Cultural Contexts

8  Survivorship as Religion

9  Conclusions and Recommendations

Note on Sources