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Buzztime Entertainment, the interactive gaming network, is played and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people at home, in sports bars, and in restaurants. Now this popular game is available in book form--but unlike other trivia books, these are actually fun to play. While other books reveal the answers below the questions or group all of the answers together, the Buzztime format allows you to see only one answer at a time. That way, readers can play along. Besides being packed with challenging questions, the Buzztime Trivia Series provides fascinating facts along with the answers. These are no ordinary trivia books!

The Buzztime Trivia Series is designed to put your knowledge of movies, radio, television, sports, and music to the test, with each celebrity author putting a little of himself in each game. And with dozens of individual games--nearly a thousand intriguing questions!--each book is bound to provide hours of stimulating competition. From cover to cover, the Buzztime Trivia Series is pure entertainment.

Micky Dolenz
Author Bio

Dolenz was born in Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California Los Angeles is the second most populous city in the United States, the most populous city in the state of California and the western United States, with a population of 3.83 million within its administrative limits on a land area of..., the son of George Dolenz George Dolenz George Dolenz was an American film actor born in Trieste , in the city's Slovene community.

, a Hollywood character actor, and his wife Janelle Johnson Janelle Johnson Janelle Johnson was an actress in films of the 1940s. She married actor George Dolenz and was the mother of Micky Dolenz of the 1960s pop group the Monkees. Her English daughter-in-law was Samantha Juste, co-host of BBC television's Top of the Pops in its early days.

He also played with obscure rock and roll bands, including one called The Missing Links. Dolenz went to Ulysses S. Grant High School in Valley Glen, Los Angeles, California Valley Glen, Los Angeles, California Valley Glen is a community in the southeastern portion of the San Fernando Valley district of the City of Los Angeles, California, United States and graduated in 1962. He was attending college in Los Angeles when hired for the "drummer" role in The Monkees' The Monkees (TV series). The Monkees is an American situation comedy that aired on NBC from September 1966 to March 1968. The series follows the adventures of four young men trying to make a name for themselves as rock 'n roll singers. The show introduced a number of innovative new-wave film techniques to series television.

Table of contents



How to Play the Games


1          Who Were Those Monkees  Anyway?

2          Charity Songs and Concerts

3          Grunge Rock

4          GRAB BAG

5          Punk Rock

6          The ’50s

7          The ’60s

8          GRAB BAG

9          The ’80s

10        The Beatles

11        Rock Movies

12        GRAB BAG

13        Flower Power Songs

14        Southern Rock

15        Heavy Metal

16        GRAB BAG

17        Woodstock ’69

18        Monterey International Pop Festival

19        The Motown Sound

20        GRAB BAG

21        Lead Vocalists

22        Fake Bands

23        One-Hit Wonders

24        GRAB BAG  

25        Spinal Tap

26        The Beach Boys

27        Shooting Stars

28        GRAB BAG

29        The MTV Generation

30        The Piano Man

31        Rock Romances

32        GRAB BAG

33        Billboard #1s

34        Elton John

35        Their First Hits

36        GRAB BAG

37        They Write the Songs

38        Elvis Is in the House!

39        Madonna

40        GRAB BAG

41        Disco Fever

42        Rock Books

43        Hair Metal

44        GRAB BAG

45        The Rolling Stones

46        The Doors

47        Different Drums

48        Grab Bag

49        Rock Meets Classical

50        Guitar Gods (& Goddesses)

51        Led Zeppelin

52        GRAB BAG

53        New York Bands

54        Simon & Garfunkel--Old Friends

55        Prince

56        GRAB BAG

57        Grammy Winners

58        R&B

59        The Police

60        GRAB BAG

61        Bob Dylan

62        Doo-Wop

63        Canada Rocks

64        GRAB BAG

65        Irish Musicians

66        1990s Love Songs

67        “Day” Songs

68        GRAB BAG

69        Women of Rock

70        “Fool”-in’ Around

71        Live Albums

72        GRAB BAG

73        Pop Divas

74        Numerical Music Groups

75        Pioneers and Precursors

76        GRAB BAG

77        Producers

78        Rock Offspring

79        Teen Idols

80        GRAB BAG


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"Buzztime Trivia books are a fun time filler, and I would really recommend them."

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