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Natural Born Fatburners offers conclusive evidence that traditional diets don't work. New vital information reveals the safest and most natural way to rid the body of unwanted pounds and dangerous fat levels, and provides life-saving information for those facing health complications due to weight gain. Choose from Dr. Redmon's top 100 fatburning foods. Prevent fat loss from returning. Lose weight naturally without resorting to dangerous drugs. Learn ways to stop binge eating. Induce fatburning by eating specific foods. Increase your body's metabolism. Select from 60 supplements for optimum weight control.

George Redmon
Author Bio

Dr. George Redmon is a graduate of the Clayton College of Natural Health (ND), the American Holistic College of Nutrition (Ph.D.) and received his PhD in Administration and Management for Walden University. Dr. Redmon has developed a 20-year career specializing in vitamins and holistic health care within the vitamin and natural health care industry. He has served as a Regional and National Education Director for one of the largest retailers of vitamins in the United States. 

Table of contents


1. Food: Your Most Prolific Fatburner
2. Eating to Induce Fatburning
3. The Dieting Dilemma
4. Dying to be Thin
5. Winning without Diet Drugs
6. Supplementation for Weight-loss Programs
7. Natural Diet Aids
8. Solving the Supplement Puzzle
9. Keep Your Backfield in Motion
10. Managing Your Fatburning
11. Holistic Health, Weight and Fat Loss

Last Words: An Open Letter to Healthcare Professionals Restoring Our Sense of Direction
Appendix A: Diet Drug Warning

Introduction or preface

Based on current data, Americans are continuously dieting, yet they are getting fatter. As the number of Americans who are considered to be overweight escalates, current medical reasoning seeks to substantiate the need for diet drugs. Dr. David Levitsky, a professor of Nutrition and Psychology at Cornell University, maintains that this new era of diet drugs obscures the true underlying issues. The real issue, he reminds us, is lifestyle. Levitsky argues that the new drugs give people a false sense of security, and a quick fix. He notes, “The new diet drugs undermine the advice we have given for years, such as reducing fat intake, lowering total calorie load, eating more fruits and fiber, and exercising.”

The federal government plans to change its definition of obesity, skewing the weight requirements lower. It has been estimated that under the new guidelines, based on the Body Mass Index, roughly half of American adults will be considered to be overweight. These new guidelines will make it easier for many Americans to be classified as clinically obese and as such meet certain criteria for use of new diet drugs that are poised to hit the market.

The Purpose of This Book

The goal of Natural Born Fatburners is to introduce you to a new and exciting way to lose weight and to reduce body fat, safely and effectively, without the aid of dangerous diet drugs. Natural Born Fatburners is designed to show you how to develop short-term interchangeable goals that life-saving implications in your quest to shed unwanted pounds and maintain desired weight levels. After reviewing and putting into practice the programs as outlined here, you will be able to:

  • Calculate your daily caloric needs
  • “Train” your natural fatburning cycles
  • Choose and establish a natural fatburning supplement program that suits your individual biochemical profile
  • Set up your very own individualized exercise program that is safe and effective
  • Understand once and for all the negative consequences of off-and-on dieting
  • Determine your individual metabolic capacity
  • Set up and self-administer safe and effective internal detoxification regimens to induce and/or enhance natural fatburning cycles
  • Establish contact with various organizations and associations that deal with issues related to weight control and its management
  • Double your current energy levels

The overall goal of Natural Born Fatburners is to show you how to natural augment normal metabolic cycles without the use of dangerous diet drugs. To give you an overall picture of how you can set up, re-establish or fine-tune your natural fatburning ability for life, this book has been divided into eleven chapters, each one designed to guide you through the learning process in as clear and straightforward a way as possible. Enjoy, be well, and keep in touch.