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Every day, millions of women are subject to their changing hormones, which play a vital role in the functioning of a healthy body. When hormones are not produced in the proper amounts or they are not in balance with one another, a number of health problems can occur, inclduing premenstrual syndrome (PMS), pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), menstrual dysfunction, fibrocystic breasts, and menopause. Symptoms of hormonal imbalance can range from mild cramping, irritability, and food cravings to hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings. Even serious conditions and diseases, such as osteoporosis, arthrities, diabetes, premature aging, and cancer, can result. Standard hormone replacement therapies are often used to maintain proper balance; but they can have dangerous side effects. Roger Mason, in his newly revised Natural Health for Women, offers safe and naturally effective alternatives to help keep hormones in balance.

Natural Health for Women begins by first explaiing how the body produces and uses different hormones, and how hormonal levels change during a women's lifetime. It goes on to discuss the various hormone replacement options, as well as safe, natural alternatives. A healthy diet and exercise program is also presented as an effective preventive measure against hormone imbalance. Other topics include natural cures for osteoporosis and arthritis, steps for maintaining good breast health, and how to avoid a hysterectomy. There is even a useful chapter on how to test hormone levels from home.

Hormones do not have to control your life. With Natural Health for Women, you can learn to effectively maintian their proper balance safely and naturally.

Roger Mason
Author Bio

Roger Mason is an internationally known research chemist who studies natural health and life extension. He develops unique natural supplements and products, and has written several best-selling titles, including The Natural Diabetes Cure and Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. A frequent guest speaker on radio stations across the country, Mr. Mason advocates natural alternatives to drug therapies.

Table of contents


1. Menopause,

2. Estrogen and Hormone Replacement Therapy,

3. Estriol—The Forgotten Estrogen,

4. Natural Progesterone,

5. Other Basic Hormones,

6. Premenstrual Syndrome,

7. Reproductive and Gynecological Conditions,

8. Breast Disease,

9. Osteoporosis,

10. Arthritis and Joint Pain,

11. Heart Disease,

12. Diabetes,

13. Excess Weight,

14. Natural Diet,

15. Fasting,

16. Essential Vitamins and Other Nutrients,

17. Essential Minerals,

Conclusion: The Seven Steps to Natural Health,

            Recommended Reading,

            About the Author,




Introduction or preface

Women in Western countries, particularly the United States, are at risk for an ordinate amount of health problems. Heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, obesity, and many other diseases are affecting women in unprecedented numbers. Cancer rates are also on the rise; one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and one in three women will undergo a hysterectomy. Stages of the female cycle are now thought of as medical conditions instead of natural processes, as symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and menopause have become more severe and often debilitating. What is the reason behind the decline in women’s health? More importantly, how can we reverse this trend?

            While many factors contribute to disease, the two most basic ones are diet and lifestyle. A diet high in fat and sugar—which is all too common among the Western population, and Americans in particular—in combination with a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol consumption, smoking, and various other factors lead to medical conditions. More specifically, they lead to hormone imbalance, which is the root of practically every chronic disease. Your hormones must work together to carry out vital functions. Therefore, when even one is thrown out of balance, several processes can be negatively affected. Unfortunately, the mainstream medical community’s answer to this problem has been unnatural hormones, such as horse estrogen and synthetic progestins, as well as unnecessary invasive procedures like hysterectomies. These methods—which are often prescribed without even testing hormone levels—usually only cause further harm and create new problems. Women are also rarely informed about bioidentical hormones, which have proven benefits, and are instead given pharmaceutical drugs that merely target the symptom rather than address the underlying cause. These also have a number of adverse side effects and health risks that may prove to be just as bad—if not worse—than the condition being treated. The combination of an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, hormone imbalance, and inadequate “treatments” is the basis of disease and the reason behind the health crisis facing women today. All of these health issues culminate in menopause, which, for most women, is now spent dealing with undesirable symptoms and medical conditions rather than enjoying a new phase of their lives.

            But it does not have to be this way. There are steps you can take to prevent and eliminate the causes of disease, instead of merely covering up the symptoms with ineffective treatments. You can treat and even reverse medical conditions naturally through diet and lifestyle, instead of taking prescription drugs or undergoing risky medical procedures. You can be in control of your health and welfare. You can change your destiny.

            Natural Health for Women, an updated version of my book No More Horse Estrogen!, is a comprehensive guide to holistic health based on several decades of clinical research. In addition to information that cannot be found anywhere else, this unique book gives you the tools and knowledge you need to naturally prevent, treat, and reverse a wide range of medical conditions, from arthritis to diabetes. The book opens with a chapter on menopause, the time in a woman’s life when many health issues often reach a head. These issues usually have their origin in hormone imbalance and the toxic therapies designed to treat it, topics explored in the next several chapters. Natural Health for Women also takes a close look at each of the major diseases on the rise today in the United States and other Western countries, and clearly explains how they can be treated with a natural whole-foods diet, proven nutritional supplements, natural hormone balance, regular exercise, and fasting, among other health-promoting practices. Finally, the book tells you about the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are essential to your health, and how much you should take in order to reinforce the positive effects of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

            Good health is real wealth, and by choosing a holistic lifestyle, you can enjoy a long, happy, and healthy life. There is no naturopathic or life-extension doctor who alone can do this for you. You must help yourself by being responsible and proactive when it comes to matters of your health, and reading Natural Health for Women is an important first step.