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We all live according to rules that regulate our behaviors. Some rules—ones we are conscious of— are clear. Others, however, are unconscious, and when we do things that go against them, we experience stress, anxiety, apprehension, and emotional exhaustion—and we never know why. This book offers a unique system that helps uncover our most secret rules. Once we are aware of them, we can then learn to live within their boundaries, or we can attempt to change them.
Jordan Weiss
Author Bio

Jordan Weiss, MD, received his medical degree from the University of Illinois Medical School. A psychiatrist for over twenty years, Dr. Weiss worked at Irvine’s Center for Psycho-Energetic Therapy in California.

Review Quote - The Midwest Book Review

"A superbly presented and highly recommended informational and instructional guide to self-discovery, knowledge, and empowerment.”