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Our true magnificence is our internal power. Open up to ourgreater identity and go beyond our programmed boundaries. We are more than just human! We came to earth with the ability to create with our thoughts. We’ve just forgotten how. This book is here to remind us. Reclaim the Magic will evoke a consciousness shift and an awakening within you to manifest your heart’s true desires. This book will give you the tools and concepts to claim your natural birthright power as a manifestor, become fully conscious of the abilities you have within yourself, and evolve into your authentic being. You are a spirit in a human body and are much more powerful than you have been led to believe. Since birth, we have been programmed by society, schools,government, religions, and well-meaning but clueless people that we are a victim of circumstances. We have been trained to think,feel, and believe that we have no power. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, we are far from helpless. The truth is, power in life is 1 percent physical and 99 percent spiritual. We can release the victim role and instead, adopt the role of deliberate creator. It is a choice we can make that will transform our reality forever. With our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and use of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial life energies, we can manifest anything we desire.

Lee Milteer
Author Bio

LEE MILTEER is an internationally known and celebrated bestselling author, award-winning professional speaker, TV personality, entrepreneur, visionary, and intuitive business mentor. Lee is that rare soul wholives and thrives in both the business world and the metaphysical world. She is also a Reiki healer, a shaman, and runs a Metaphysical Mystery School, where she teaches students how to manifest on levels that mainstream education or business schools cannot teach. Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is the author of Success is an Inside Job and Spiritual Power Tools, as well as the co-author of ten books. Lee speaks all over the world, and has counseled and trained over a million people in her speeches. She has authored over 150 training, entrepreneurial, spiritual, and educational products, and is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program, in which she provides success and spiritual advice and resources to people worldwide. You can find her at Author Residence: Virginia Beach, VA

Table of contents

Table of Contents



1. The Magic of Owning Your Divinity

2. My Magical Story

3. The Magic of Your Mind

4. The Magic of Energy

5. The Magic of Releasing

6. The Magic of Envisioning

7. The Magic of Focus

8. The Magic of Truth

9. The Magic of Intuition

10. The Magic of Prayer

11. The Magic of Meditation

12. The Magic of Rituals

13. The Magic of Forgiveness

14. The Magic of Attitude



Author comments


One of the most important lessons of my life is that no one becomes successful alone. It takes a team of people to support you in all big endeavors. I want to acknowledge the wonderful team of people who have assisted to make this book a reality. First, I want to again thank my publisher, Robert Friedman. This is the third book of mine he has published. My first two books he published were Success Is An Inside Job and Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling with Hampton Roads Publishing. Now his new publishing company, Rainbow Ridge Books, which is distributed by Square One Publishers, of Garden City, New York has picked up Reclaim the Magic. Thank you Bob, I am deeply grateful you have had faith in me all these years.

I would also like to thank my team at Lee Milteer, Inc. who have supported me with their positive reinforcement and many hours of hard work of editing and assisting me to create this book. Many thanks to my creative director, Carly Jones O’Connor, personal assistant Birit Trematore, Pat Nama, and my other staff for their hard work to make my business run smoothly while I devoted so much time to this book.

Massive appreciation to my hardworking editing team: Pamela Brothers Denyes, Carly Jones O’Connor, Lily Noon, and Birit Trematore for their contributions to the project.

A big thank you to dear friends and partners of the Lee Milteer Metaphysical University, Lily Noon, Jose Antonio Castillo and their staff, for all they do with promotion and support to get this material into the world.

Thank you to my dear friend Diane Roach for being a great support and spiritual advisor to me.

I want to acknowledge my dearest and best friend, treasured mentor, and my adopted family member, Dan Kennedy, for his untiring encouragement, wisdom, humor, and marketing assistance. Dan, thank you for the hours of humor we share about the insanity of the world.

A huge thank you to all my Peak Performers GKIC coaching members, Millionaire Smarts® sponsors, personal coaching clients, and the Lee Milteer’s School of Wisdom Mystery School students and customers for their belief and trust in me.

A special appreciation to my soul mate Clifton Williams for his love and support. This book is dedicated to him for his tireless love and patience for all I do in the world. He is my cheerleader and I am deeply grateful to have a mate as devoted to me as he is daily.

Introduction or preface


This book is for you if:

• You have been doing what you have been taught to

do for success, love, health, and happiness, but things

still are not working in your life the way you want

them to.

• You feel there are answers but you’re not getting them

from the external world.

• Life has changed and what used to work is not really

working anymore.

• Life has become a TO DO list and you’re feeling

exhausted from trying to do everything yourself.

• You feel you have no control and are living in fear, doubt, confusion, and frustration. You are disheartened and don’t know what to do about the insanity of it all.

You are most likely feeling the exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress from all the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial challenges life is throwing at you daily. The human race is moving at a pace no one in our recorded history has ever experienced. The ever-changing world and its values, the relentless and negative fear-based media programming, and the intensity of our fast-paced lives all has a cumulative effect on the amount of energy we have left to proactively participate in making time and space for our own goals and dreams.

If you are feeling something is missing in your life, you are right—it is!

You’re missing the magic you used to feel about the hope of a better future, the joy of living, and your true knowledge of your own divinity and ability to manifest in the world.

Right now most people are feeling that life has changed and what used to be fulfilling has lost its luster. What that means is that you are being called into a more authentic direction for your soul’s growth.

Sadly, the world programs us to stop listening to our hearts, to disregard our feeling nature, and to only make our decisions and actions from our left brain’s rational programmed mind. This has caused a huge unbalance in our natural instincts.

As a society, we have been beaten down from the relentless media who program us to feel and act like victims. Today is the day you can stop the insanity and reclaim the magic that is truly inside of you, wanting to come out. This information will change the way you view your life in the future because you will discover a new framework of what the real rules of the universe are for harmony, success, love, health, well-being and prosperity and a connection to your Divine Source. You don’t have to be stressed out, frustrated, overwhelmed and depressed. You have simply forgotten that there is real magic in the world and that you can choose to tap into it. When I refer to magic, I’m referring to your natural connection to Infinite Intelligence and your inner knowing that you have the power to manifest all that you desire, which sparks an unparalleled passion and excitement for life. Instead, most people live their lives just trying to soldierthrough it. You do your best but inside there are doubts and questions: When is life going to be fun? When is it my turn to live well and be prosperous? Why do these bad things keep happening to me?

You’re unhappy because your soul is craving the magic of being realigned with your spirit and purpose of living again. You are disconnected from your Spirit/Source/God /Infinite Intelligence energy and want to have a partnership with this divine energy again so you can experience the magic of love, joy, prosperity, health, fun and hope for the future. Only you have the power to create for yourself. I am going to share what I know to be true about how you can recapture the magic you so richly deserve in your life.

We are being called now to shed our old skins of what is no longer important and open up to a new empowered life. Now is the time to unplug from the wrong things, beliefs and behaviors that have gotten us into the mess of living an unfulfilled life and being victims who are programmed by other people with their own agendas.

Most people are experiencing an identity crisis because what used to work no longer works. We need new tools for a new reality. We must now claim our birthright to be the king or queen of our own reality.

Think of yourself as a powerful bright light. When you are plugged into the unlimited supply of Spirit/Source/the Universe/God, no matter what you call it, this Infinite Intelligence is always there and can be utilized to assist you, but only if you know the secrets of tapping into this powerful energy.

I am going to share with you how you can take your personal power back, plug into the unlimited source of true power, and design a life for yourself that truly makes your heart sing!

The intent of this book is to remind you who you are and how to claim your natural birthright as a manifestor, and help you become fully conscious of the abilities and powers you have within you. I am going to share concepts that are familiar and others that are completely new to you. I am going provide modern, practical techniques, energy tools, and spiritual mindset knowledge that I‘ve collected over my many years of studying and that I personally know to be true for me.

It will be up to you to mold and shape the tools I provide into your own personality, your own skills, and where you are in life. I want you to be an artist and a scientist at the same time. If used in a conscious way, the information I will share with you will transform your life and help you find your purpose to live aneffective, prosperous, rewarding and meaningful life.

Thank you for joining me on this grand adventure of reinventing yourself so you can experience and use the true magic that is all around you! You must give yourself permission to believe that you have the power and ability to change your life and create a new life right now!

I ask you to start listening to that inner part of you that wants more. Listen to your own feeling nature about what is right for you right now! Today is the day to give yourself permission see the big picture of amazing possibility and new exciting and rewarding adventures that can open for you. The past is a locked door; the future will depend on what you do today. Your point of Power is this very moment.

Enjoy this book!

Love, light and blessings to you.

Lee Milteer