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For millions of Americans, severe pain is a fact of life. Drug therapies may offer relief, but come with a host of side effects and are less effective over time. Relieving Pain Naturally is a complete guide to drug-free pain management. This up-to-date resource begins by examining thirty-seven of the most common chronic pain-related conditions, from arthritis to tendonitis, and then offers twenty-seven drug-free therapies, including conventional and alternative treatments. With Relieving Pain Naturally, it’s easy to take that first step toward natural pain relief.

Sylvia Goldfarb Roberta W. Waddell
Author Bio

Roberta W. Waddell is an alternative health writer. Because of her own chronic pain, she has experienced conventional and alternative therapies firsthand.

Sylvia Goldfarb, PhD, a medical writer, has published articles in numerous magazines and is the author of three books, including Allergy Relief.