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Buzztime Entertainment, the interactive gaming network, is played and enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people at home, in sports bars, and in restaurants. Now this popular game is available in book form--but unlike other trivia books, these are actually fun to play. While other books reveal the answers below the questions or group all of the answers together, the Buzztime format allows you to see only one answer at a time. That way, readers can play along. Besides being packed with challenging questions, the Buzztime Trivia Series provides fascinating facts along with the answers. These are no ordinary trivia books!

The Buzztime Trivia Series is designed to put your knowledge of movies, radio, television, sports, and music to the test, with each celebrity author putting a little of himself in each game. And with dozens of individual games--nearly a thousand intriguing questions!--each book is bound to provide hours of stimulating competition. From cover to cover, the Buzztime Trivia Series is pure entertainment.

Rick Barry
Author Bio

Rick Barry, at six-foot-seven-inches, was one of the most entertaining and talented forwards to play in the National Basketball Association (NBA) during the 1970s. Averaging 24.8 points per game over the course of his fourteen seasons of play, Barry was famous for his deadly accurate underhanded free throws (.900). He was equally famous among other players for his difficult personality and harsh demeanor.

Barry was among the first professional basketball players to make a successful transition to the broadcasting profession. He began broadcasting during the 1967-68 season broadcasting Oakland Oaks games because of contractual matters that kept him off of the court. Barry continues to work in the field, a career that began with his own radio show in San Francisco and CBS while still an active player and then with TBS.

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"Buzztime Trivia books are a fun time filler, and I would really recommend them."

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