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As the last of the northern cod disappeared from the fishing banks of eastern North America during the waning years of the 20th century, more than just fish faced the threat of extinction. In communities all around the island of Newfoundland, thousands of fishermen and their families suddenly found themselves confronted by a similar threat.

Servants of the Fish is the story of these people, who are at once the perpetrators and the victims of this event. As he did in his bestselling Riddle of the Ice, Arms employs the drama of the voyage to bring readers face to face with the people and the geography of the tale he tells. It is the tale of a particular time and place. Yet it is also an allegory of sorts—about predators and prey, about greed and denial, and about our collective ability as human beings to destroy natural systems once thought to be infinite.

Myron Arms
Author Bio

Educated with graduate degrees at both Yale and Harvard, Myron Arms is a writer, lecturer, and professional small-boat sailor. He is author of several books, including Boston Globe bestseller Riddle of the Ice, and has published more than fifty feature articles in Cruising World, Sail, Blue Water Sailing, and many other sailing and adventure magazines.

A US Coast Guard-licensed Ocean Master since 1977, he and his wife, Kay, have now voyaged over 130,000 sea miles, including two high-latitude crossings of the North Atlantic, a voyage to western Greenland, and eight summer sail-training voyages to the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

As this book went to press, he began his ninth journey to northern Newfoundland with a group of new sail trainees. Readers may sample his other writing and may follow this and other sailing adventures on the web at