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Most of us think of inflammation as a symptom associated with an infection or injury. Dr. Nancy Appleton, however, has discovered that it might be more than just a simple reaction to a health disorder. When the body’s tissues are disturbed in some manner, a series of complex reactions takes place, resulting in inflammation. In most cases, when the disorder stops, the tissue returns to its normal healthy state. Sometimes, though, the tissue remains chronically inflamed. Dr. Appleton’s research demonstrates that this condition might be more harmful than ever suspected.

Drawing on the latest medical research, Stopping Inflammation begins with a full explanation of inflammation and its causes. It then looks at inflammation’s role in various health disorders, from obesity to cancer. Finally, the book provides a number of nondrug treatments aimed not at controlling the problem, but at removing its cause. Here are safe and credible solutions for restoring good health.

Nancy Appleton
Author Bio

Nancy Appleton, PhD earned her BS in clinical nutrition from UCLA and her PhD in health services from Walden University. She maintains a private practice in Santa Monica, California. An avid researcher, Dr. Appleton lectures throughout the world, and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows. She is the best-selling author of Suicide by Sugar and Healthy Bones.

Table of contents




Understanding Inflammation

1. Inflammation and Its Causes,

2. Body Chemistry and Homeostasis,

3. Allergies and Inflammation,

4. Other Causes of Inflammation,


Inflammation and Disease

5. Health Conditions Caused By or Associated

With Inflammation,

Alzheimer’s Disease,

Blood Sugar Problems,


Candida Albicans,

Canker Sores and Mouth Ulcers,

Cystic Fibrosis,


Food Addictions and Eating Disorders,



Heart Disease,

Inflammatory Bowel Disease,

Kidney Disease,


Parkinson’s Disease,

Periodontal Disease,

Pregnancy, Infancy and Childhood Problems,

Respiratory Diseases,

Rheumatic Diseases,

Surgery Problems,


Guidelines for Preventing

and Reversing Inflammation

6. Testing for Inflammation and Other

Risk Factors,

7. Food Plans and Lifestyle Considerations,

8. Detoxification for Health,




About the Author,


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Introduction or preface

Degenerative diseases appear to be caused or complicated by a process few medical researchers suspected until quite recently: inflammation. Scientists have long linked edema, arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease to inflammation, but have only recently implicated the process to diabetes, certain cancers, and other unsolvable degenerative conditions. The latest research links heart disease more to various inflammatory conditions (those ending with ’itis’) than to high cholesterol. Inflammation has always played a role in infections. Catch a cold or fever and the nose runs, coughing sets in, temperature rises, and all the other great symptoms that children pray for, as an excuse to ditch school, appear. All of these symptoms are expressions of the inflammatory process. Another form of inflammation has to do with insults to the body, such as parasites, fungi, bruises, broken bones, and smoking. Healthy immune systems use inflammation to right an unbalanced body; when the job is done, inflammation and other symptoms go away.

Blood tests often show chronic, low-grade inflammation in the body. All of the known related problems have been studied and inflammation can’t be linked to any specific cause. Maybe investigators aren’t looking in the right direction for answers. Where does this inflammation with no known cause come from? Is there a way that we can stop this process before it even gets started? Can we prevent diseases? Are you tired of taking anti inflammatory pills?

Are you inflicted with an acute, chronic, or degenerative disease and still searching for an answer? This book will give you a fresh look at your health and how to heal yourself.

Research has shown me that many of the serious, unsolved diseases of modern civilization are expressions of chronic inflammatory processes. Medical therapy is often directed at controlling symptoms rather than removing their cause. My intent is to show you how your own lifestyle can cause inflammation, resulting in disease. I will then provide you with techniques you can use, techniques to effectively respond to an out-of-control immune system and prevent or naturally abort the inflammation process.

Throughout this book, my objective is four-fold:

1. To present the latest research that supports the link between inflammation and disease.

2. To outline alternative causes for conditions that are presently listed in the mainstream literature as having “unknown cause.”

3. To reiterate the importance of finding the sources of your health problems.

4. To show you how to change your lifestyle to remove the problem of inflammation.

At the beginning of each condition listed in Chapter 5, I have given other names, or other diseases with similar problems, for the first disease on the list. Many times these diseases are not mentioned in the chapter, but the information applies to all the diseases.

Pass with me now through to the other side of the looking glass, taking the first steps on your journey to good health. We begin with an understanding of inflammation itself, which will be covered in the next chapter.