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Join a group of enlightened extraterrestrials, who extend an invitation through their contactee, Lisette Larkins. They tell us that they are here now and offer to help us along the way as we gently shift toward a peaceful future.

The first edition of Talking to Extraterrestrials was first published in 2002. Since that time the author has had repeated contact with these ETs, and developed a broader spiritual perspective that she shares in this revised and expanded second edition. While earlier she struggled with the emotional fallout from her encounters, this expanded text now focuses on the promise of humanity’s betterment as a result of embracing our true spiritual power as creative beings. Only by recognizing our innate abilities can we effectively design the experiences we desire.

Our universal neighbors describe the way they relate to each other, raise their children, and conduct their peaceful society. They inspire us to become fully empowered, creative beings adept at manifestation. They explain why they have not yet landed on the White House lawn, but that our expanding spiritual readiness will soon allow clearer evidence of their presence here.

Lisette Larkins offers us a glimpse into a way of being where we too can create the life of our dreams, and become adept at magically producing whatever is needed to thrive. They inspire and challenge us to perceive of ourselves and them as neighbors within the same community of families and to accept our responsibility as self-reliant masters of creation.

Lisette Larkins
Author Bio

After her initial surprise at being contacted by extraterrestrials, for more than three decades of contact experiences, Lisette Larkins has been implementing her ET mentors’ counsel. As a result, she lives a dream life in Malibu, California, training at Cross Fit, volunteering with her therapy dog Kelly, writing new books, speaking and lecturing on abundance creation, creating new projects, and enjoying a life filled with laughter, abundance, and joy. Look her up at

Table of contents


Author’s Note


An Offer We Can’t Refuse, by Robert S. Friedman


Chapter One


Chapter Two

Who We Are, Why We Are Here

Chapter Three

But Is It Fun?!

Chapter Four

Coming Undone

Chapter Five

Count the Stars, Count the Ships

Chapter Six

First Contact

Chapter Seven

Magic and Miracles

Chapter Eight

Money and Manifestation

Chapter Nine

Crop Circles and Other Contact

Chapter Ten


Chapter Eleven

Love and Sex

Chapter Twelve

Interspecies Communication and Communion

Chapter Thirteen

The New Human

Chapter Fourteen

The New Revolution

Chapter Fifteen

Where We Are Going from Here



A Clinician’s Psychological Perspective of a UFO Encounter

Experiencer, by Alan Ludington, MDiv, MS, MFT

Author comments

Author's Note

The first edition of this book was written, and then published, soon after some very dramatic ET encounters; at the time, I was insecure and fearful of criticism and struggled with my inability to remember and recall more details of these encounters. Now, a decade later and following more ET contact in addition to my own expanded spiritual growth, I have moved beyond these fearbased reactions. Thus, I have revised my introductions to these chapters to clarify this “evolved” understanding; however, I have left my early questions to the ETs mostly intact, which often reflects these early insecurities. In some cases, I have posed new questions with additional answers, and the ETs have modified or expanded upon their previous replies.

As such, I have added new comprehensions, recognitions, and cognitions that are borne after a lifelong friendship with the ETs. Like any relationship, my relationship with them has evolved and expanded over time, which is reflected in this updated and revised edition. This explains why there is now an enhanced tone and comprehension on my part, in contrast to my sometimes fearful voice in earlier editions. The only exceptions are where I feel it is helpful to retain an earlier response, which may mirror other contactees’ own insecurities. In those places, my questions and the ETs answers are stated mostly as they were in the original edition, despite the fact that I have long since evolved beyond the voice of that frightened young woman of my past.

I might also add, as others have noted to me in their correspondence, that Talking to Extraterrestrials is basically a conversation with enlightened beings who have come here to nurture and help us through our own evolutionary leap, as others have done for them at similar stages of their development. Thus, while my questions were somewhat limited by my own encounter experiences at that time, their replies were far-ranging and included, among other topics: how enlightened beings love each other, raise their children, conduct their society, and function “artistically” as it relates to everyday life as conscious creators. This is the future that awaits us, and these are steps that we must take to reach it—with their help.

Introduction or preface


An Offer We Can't Refuse

Just about everyone thinks that the human race is in some sort of trouble. What kind depends on your point of view. Environmentalists focus on the damage we are doing to the planet. Bible fundamentalists believe that Armageddon is close and that famine, plague, and war will soon destroy the majority of humanity. The political right believes that the political left is taking us on a path to disaster and vice versa. Others believe that we are about to undergo a quantum evolutionary leap, a spiritual awakening that will compel us to reexamine our place in the universe and to rediscover who we really are.

The fact is, we are a fractured and divided world in which people murder each other in the name of whatever God they believe gave them—and only them—the correct rules to live by. Somehow “love thy neighbor” got misplaced. We allow children to starve and poor people to go without medical attention.

We have merely to look around us to observe what is happening: the high percentage of people in the industrial world who get cancer; the destruction of the rain forests to raise cattle for fast-food restaurants; the pollution and depletion of our oceans’ resources; and much, much more.

It is easy to point fingers, to find enemies, to waste our resources building weapons instead of working to repair the damage.

Lord knows, we need help.

And this is a book about getting help.

We’ve had an offer we can’t refuse. It’s from our neighbors. The ones who live off the planet, who see what’s happening on a global level. They’ve lived through much of the same process. And they admit that they have on occasion destroyed much oftheir civilization, too.

They don’t want it to happen to us.

They are offering help, if we’ll accept it. This book is one of the ways in which they wish to communicate with us. Oh I know that many of you will think that this form of communication is distorted and unproven at best, at worst a complete fraud. I know many will say that if they really wanted to help us, they’d land in a public place and announce that they are here.

But think about that.

What would really happen if a race of more highly evolved beings actually landed on the planet? How would it affect our religious beliefs; our economic, military, and political structures? Would they be treated as God’s messengers or shot at as alien intruders whose “real purpose” is to take over the planet? We are exceedingly primitive beings but with technology that can destroy ourselves and the planet. There are people out there right now who believe that the God they worship intends for us to do just that. There are countries out there right now that are attempting to build nuclear weapons so they can take out Tel Aviv or New York City.

If you were from off-planet and unarmed and incapable of killing anything, would you come here and show yourself? Would you beam a radio or television message that would be widely rejected as trickery and Hollywood special effects? They have already shown us that they exist, and, who knows, they may

still do this in a more dramatic way. Right now, they occasionally allow their craft to be observed, and they often interact with people in many different ways. So far, what has been the net result of those encounters? Skepticism, dismissal, denial, government cover-ups, and a general consensus that such events are “unproven,” or that those who report them suffer from mental illness. Those attempting to petition governments to disclose information and evidence encounter the same resistance. (Many think that the government itself isn’t behind the cover-up but rather groups of super-secret organizations, or shadow governments, whose purposes are to reverse-engineer the technology and control access to the information.)

But our friends in space are not going to play the good-guy/bad-guy game here. Sure, there are black-ops groups who have hidden information from the rest of us. Sure, there is technology that could be made available to the people that would change the direction of human development. Sure, there are those who want to control access to ET contact to preserve their own power base and who apparently seek to preserve the current paradigm of fossil-fuel technology. And sure, that path may eventually pollute the planet in such a way that it threatens our global civilization or maybe destroys us altogether. But even if there are power mongers and international corporations more concerned with their stockholders’ dividends than with the health of the planet—they are not the bad guys. They are only human beings, like us, acting out of their own egocentric view of the world.

The point is that we cannot play the good versus evil game; we cannot blame others for the condition we find ourselves in. It is true that we have met the enemy, and they are us. We really are one, all part of the same energy source that created the entire universe. And on this beautiful, green-and-blue planet called Earth, we are in control of our destiny; all of us have caused the situation. Therefore, we can change it.

And the ETs are here to help. They want to mentor all of us—if we desire it. There’s still the matter of free will (the universal prime directive). Could it be that it takes a critical mass of people to ask for help before the ETs are willing to show up and render it more directly?

This book will tell you what has been transpiring with the ETs: who they are, why they are here, what their purpose is, and how we all can participate in ways that benefit everyone. The book will introduce Lisette, describe her encounters as an “experiencer” (not an “abductee”), and show the difficult process by which she came to accept her role as a communicator for physical beings from another world. You are, of course, free to consider the information and accept or reject it based on what it says to you individually. You will find in the patient and kind tone and content of these communications a concern for all the peoples of the Earth that most would not have expected from these enlightened beings, who are much maligned, feared, and misunderstood by the vast majority of us on this planet.

So, here it is, the result of having been talking to extraterrestrials.

—Robert S. Friedman

Introduction or preface


One does not normally fall asleep wondering if the night will bring a face-to-face encounter with extraterrestrials—the gray ones with large black eyes—or if one will awaken while floating through the air, being transferred from a strange craft to more waiting extraterrestrials on another. These certainly were not ideas that I entertained while growing up. But one night in 1987, I sat up in bed with the eerie feeling that something was not quite right. As a young mother, depressed, and in my third year of an unhappy marriage, I wouldn’t have believed that my life could have gotten any more challenging. But that night, as my seven-month-old child slept peacefully in his crib, I was blasted from above by a white funnel of light that shot through the ceiling and pierced my whole body with an electrical vibration. My hair billowed around my face as though I were standing in a wind tunnel, but the curtains lay still against the bedroom wallpaper. My life has not been the same since.

The mysterious lights and vibrations came visiting almost every evening after that; yet I had no idea what was happening to me. Following each burst of light overhead, within seconds, I would float off to sleep. It was a seemingly induced sleep, initiated precisely because of—or despite—the screaming terror of my mind. After almost two years of this chaos, finally, in my desperation, and with my then-husband’s encouragement, I admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital. During my short stay there, I lost custody of my son, and because of my fury over that apparent injustice, I vowed to get to the bottom of what was happening to me. (I should note that this was a false belief that I once held dear—that I was not responsible for the events and circumstances of my own life or that I was a victim of events that were beyond my control. I believed that misery and happiness were transient at best, capable of being impacted by others’ agendas and my own bad luck. My ET contact would turn that notion on its head.)

By the time my hospital stay ended three weeks later, I had a sense that I wasn’t crazy, but I knew that I needed help. Over the next four months, I regained full custody of my son and became committed to finding out everything that I possibly could about my experiences. Perhaps if I had been more spiritually and emotionally grounded during the initial experiences, I might not have been so traumatized. But by this time, I was motivated to unravel the mystery. So for the next few years, I was counseled by a wonderful therapist who helped me to delve into my lingering trauma. After much testing and evaluation, he assured me that I was psychologically sound. His findings and conclusions can be found in the appendix of this book and may be extremely helpful for other contactees who struggle with the opinions of others regarding their mental stability.

Eventually, I healed emotionally, and I became determined to find an explanation for the paranormal phenomena that had routinely filled my nights. I had a feeling that, whatever it was, it was not of this world. Other strange things began happening, too: the electric car windows would go up and down by themselves, even when the engine was off; electrical appliances would constantly malfunction when I used them; my head would strongly vibrate as though it were plugged in to a socket and, worse, would spontaneously move on its own just as the vibrations overtook me from above.

Throughout those first few years, the idea of extraterrestrial encounters seemed foreign to me, so I did not seriously consider this explanation, until, years later, finally I “awoke” during one encounter to find myself face to face with a group of extraterrestrials. My heart was beating so hard, I wondered if I would have a heart attack. All I could think of was my burning desire to return home to tell somebody what had happened. Suddenly I understood why I had been experiencing episodes of “missing time.” As I stared in disbelief at the beings in my midst, they began to speak to me, although their mouths never moved, nor, I think, did mine. They seemed to speak from their minds to mine, but the words were as clear as speaking out loud. This communication has continued to this day and makes up the content of this book.

Despite my initial terror at seeing these extraterrestrials, they seemed oddly familiar, as though I were greeting a beloved uncle whom I had known as a child but had not seen in years. They spoke to me, and I spoke to them, and it all seemed so strangely familiar. Inexplicably, I felt tremendous love for them, and I could feel their absolute love for me. Through my conversations with them that evening, as well as many since then, I have come to understand that my encounters—and the encounters of other people worldwide—are part of a magnificent, universal plan.

From that moment on, as my perspective changed, I, too, changed, and the experiences were transformed. I began to develop, rather than to fear, certain newly acquired abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and materialization. They began to send me colored bursts of light that provided gentle guidance and suggestions at moments of confusion or lack of clarity. In general, my whole world changed. Once in a while, I could even “hear” the thoughts of animals.

I have come to understand that these beings have not “abducted” me, for I have never been kidnapped. I understand that this term has been given by a culture that does not understand and that greatly fears these otherworldly neighbors of ours. As I changed my understanding of these encounters and refused to accept the label of victim, I began to tell other people about my experiences. Before long, I had formed a small group. I invited others to come to speak about their encounters, for I remembered that for years there was no one in whom I could confide. As people came to my group, I learned that there is tremendous shame and embarrassment surrounding this phenomenon.

I now recognize that there are many, many of us who are having identical experiences, but few of us feel comfortable talking about them. In fact, I’ve come to believe that our culture demands that we silently agree to keep our collective voices quiet and not speak of such things. Should we dare to, we blow open the idea that we are not here alone and that we are not separate from other inhabitants of the universe. Despite the prevailing attitude of governments and society, most of us sense that we are indeed universal beings, having brethren somewhere out there.

I now understand that despite the initial trauma related to my early encounters, it did not mean that something bad had happened. Trauma was my initial reaction based on societal conditioning. As soon as I made the contextual shift in my perception of the experiences, I brought curiosity, wonderment, and, most of all, an inquiring mind to this whole phenomenon. Once I had made this shift, I was emotionally free to go to the next step. I decided that it would be most interesting to interview these extraterrestrials to find out the nature of reality from their perspective.

I wish to share some of the communications that I have had, and am having, with these enlightened beings. They describe themselves as such, and that is, in fact, my experience of them. There is a ring of spiritual truth to their communications. I find that I simply feel the heart and soul of them and resonate strongly with them. Those who walked with Jesus or the Buddha had a sense of who they were. They had a sense of their light, and I state unequivocally that I experience these beings as enlightened.

The extraterrestrials remind us that you can tell the tree by the fruit that it bears. As a result of my contacts with them, I am left with the feelings of peace and hope. Their words resonate with those of the great masters who came before them. Their mentoring over the last twenty-six years has helped to transform my life.

Most of us need to believe that something extraordinary is possible for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our planet. Astonishing things have happened to me, so I know where miracles live. They live in your ability to believe.

There is nothing unique or unusual about me. If I can experience the seeming miraculous, so can any one of you. Physical contact with extraterrestrials may be more common than you think, and an ordinary woman like me can attest to what is possible when the universe opens her curtains, and we get a peek backstage.

Except for this small matter of talking to extraterrestrials, I’m just like you. You probably don’t consider yourself to be delusional or a liar, and neither do I. So don’t distrust me because I say that I have friends who are gray. I’m trying to come out of the closet, too.

There’s definitely a stigma associated with declaring that one has had “close encounters of the fourth kind.” If I ask anything of my reader, it is that, as you read this book, you notice how many assumptions you have made as to what is and is not possible. I might gently point out that just because you limit what experiences are possible, it does not in any way limit my own. Perhaps that is why I talk to extraterrestrials, and you don’t (at the moment). But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I do understand that the ET phenomenon doesn’t seem believable. I can really relate to that because I’ve never even liked science fiction—until my own experiences changed that. When my life turned topsy-turvy the evening I “met” the ETs, I had no way of knowing that it would take me until 2002 to finally be comfortable with writing and publishing the truth about it. I probably wouldn’t have bothered at all, except for the fact that I’d bet that hundreds of thousands—and soon to be millions—of otherwise ordinary people out there have had similar experiences but, like me, have never told anyone. It’s been our little secret. But that’s all about to change.

I was a late bloomer. It took me decades to find my rhythm, and I was late to mature emotionally. I had been so concerned about what people would think of me that I had to really grow up and grow older before I didn’t care anymore what others believe about my experiences. So I threw caution to the wind, and, I gotta say, it felt great to speak my truth. With this republication, I will probably reignite the fury of much of the UFO community, who insist that gray “aliens” with large black eyes are really kidnappers—and worse. Interestingly enough, the most hateful and mean-spirited letters and emails that I’ve received since this book was first published are from UFO investigators. Isn’t that ironic?

This book declares that extraterrestrials are enlightened beings—an impossible concept in some paranormal circles. So you see, I don’t even have the approval of the UFO crowd. And if you know anything about current UFO literature, you’ll know that claims such as mine are considered blasphemous or dismissed as a symptom of my having been brainwashed by the ETs.

Aside from alienating those from “respectable” UFO groups, it’s also not easy in social settings when you bring up the “E” word. Of course, you already know what the general opinion is about such claims. Those who do believe that extraterrestrials probably exist somewhere can’t accept that you’ve met one or a whole group of them. Do you see how slippery this position is? The Standard Cultural Norm of our belief system dictates What Is Possible. It’s politically correct to admit to seeing a craft from afar but never to have had a personal relationship with the occupants or an ongoing communication between our species. If there were, it could only be limited to squeals of fright as you helplessly become “abducted.” At least that version of an encounter will get a baleful nod in the UFO journals or the tabloids.

Of the UFO groups who do agree that maybe you’ve been contacted and that perhaps it may be possible for there to have been some sort of telepathic communication going on, this is only valid to them if the extraterrestrials in question are positioned some arbitrary distance from the human. So you can receive telepathic communication if you say that you’re lying on a tabletop being dissected in a spacecraft and that the being is three feet seven inches from you. That, they say, they can believe. But if they’re right next to you in friendship, then that’s hard to believe. In other words, it is the act of being terrorized that seems to make the contact believable. In addition, if the ETs are across the room, across the street, or the craft is hovering above your house or in some distant galaxy, then it’s no longer possible to “hear” anything telepathically. Apparently it’s not believable to consider that beings who are far more advanced than us in every aspect can figure out a way to stay in touch across great distances.

I’ve set the stage for what I’m up against here, because this is not an easy task. There’s not a whole lot of dignity in my line of work. There may be more entrenched, preconceived, negative assumptions and stigma associated with UFO phenomena than in any other field—period.

But although this line of “work” may seem lonely, it is not without its rewards. The pioneer spirit is alive and thriving and inspires those of us who have been holding on to a secret for too long. While you accept as a given that the world is not flat, some of us know right now that extraterrestrials do contact humans and that contact does not fit into just one type, style, mode, or pattern. To insist that it must, because you haven’t heard about any other way, doesn’t make my way invalid. The spectrum of universal experience does not fit into only one or two or even seventeen categories. There’s no finite number of potential miracles; in addition, even the aspects of miracles would have to be miraculous.

Just who are these extraterrestrials, and why would they want to know us? Are we just lab rats to them, running around in a maze on our freeways and periodically being beamed up to be inspected?

Here then, is the first of several dialogues that I will share with you. Come with me on an adventure; even though your mind may protest that meetings with and communications from other physical beings in the galaxy cannot really be possible. Take a chance and join me anyway. Perhaps for the first time, many of your questions will be answered. Assume nothing; bring yourself to this communication with an open heart, and you may find that you, too, are growing fond of these neighbors whom we once called “alien.

[A Note to the Reader: Each chapter begins with my commentary in italics. My questions to our ET friends are inset text and a different typeface. The ETs’ responses look like regular text. L. L.]