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Although testosterone is considered a male sex hormone, what many people don’t realize is that this vital hormone is also present in females. For men, it is mainly responsible for stimulating and controlling characteristics that are considered “masculine,” like muscles and hair growth. However for both sexes, low testosterone levels can cause countless health problems including memory loss, anxiety and depression, osteoporosis, increased cholesterol levels, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and infertility. While testosterone supplements are available, most are ineffective and some are even dangerous.

In the updated third edition of Testosterone Is Your Friend, author Roger Mason presents the latest and most effective natural treatments and supplements to help raise testosterone levels. The book begins by looking at how the body uses testosteroneand how this hormone functions differently in men and women. Later chapters examine how testosterone deficiency affects various health conditions. In addition to presenting safe treatments for elevating testosterone levels naturally, the author also explains how simple it is to test the levels yourself. It’s time to re-energize. With Testosterone Is Your Friend, you will have the latest information on how to increase your testosterone levels safely and naturally. By following the advice within, you can improve not only your sex life, but also the overall quality of your life.

Roger Mason
Author Bio

Roger Mason is an internationally known research chemist who studies natural health and life extension. He develops unique natural supplements and products, and has written several best-selling titles, including The Natural Diabetes Cure and Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. A frequent guest speaker on radio stations across the country, Mr. Mason advocates natural alternatives to drug therapies.