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The Book of Macrobiotics is a passport to a world of infinite understanding and adventure. It has been read, reread, studied, and treasured by hundreds of thousands of people who seek a clear, comprehesive approach to the problem of living in a world of endless change.

Now after two decades, The Book of Macrobiotics has been completely revised and expanded to reflect refinements in Michio Kushi's teachings, as well as many developments in the modern practice of macrobiotics. During this time, the standard macrobiotic diet has been simplified and broadened. Macrobiotic approaches to cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative disorders have evolved and expanded, as have basic home care and lifestyle recommendations.

This revised edition of The Book of Macrobiotics also includes a new chapter on the Spiritual World; new material on Yin and Yang and the Five Transformations, Man/Woman Relations, and Humanity's Origin and Destiny; and an annotated East West Reading List. Many new illustrations have been furnished, and the Food Composition tables have been expanded to include nutritional information on dozens of additional foods, including tempeh, seitan, rice cakes, and amazake. Here, for a new generation, is a beautifully revised and updated version of a macrobiotic classic.

Michio Kushi Alex Jack
Author Bio

Michio Kushi came to the United States shortly after World War II upon completing studies at Tokyo University. Since then, he has lectured on macrobiotics; the meeting of East and West; traditional Asian medicine, philosphy, and culture; and the realization of world peace and planetary harmony. Mr. Kushi is the founder and president of the East West Foundation, Kushi Institute, Kushi Foundation, and Macrobiotics International. He is the bestselling author of numerous books, including Your Body Never Lies, The Cancer Prevention Diet, and The Book of Macrobiotics. As the leading voice in macrobiotics, Mr. Kushi spoke throughout the world on this topic. 

Alex Jack has written several books with Michio, including The Cancer Prevention Diet, Diet for a Strong Heart, Amber Waves of Grain, and One Peaceful World. A former editor-in-chief of East West Journal, he travels and teaches in the United States and abroad.

Table of contents

Foreword by Michio Kushi,

Preface by Alex Jack,


Introduction: The Regeneration of Modern Humanity


Part 1   Patterns of Change and Harmony


1. The Order of the Universe


Life is Vanity

The Principles and Laws of the Universe

Macrobiotics in Eastern Thought

Macrobiotics in Western Thought

Modern Macrobiotics


2. Spirals of Everlasting Change


The Spiral: The Universal Pattern

The Spiral of Life

The Spiral of Consciousness

The Spiral of Evolution

The Galactic Spiral

The Spiral of the Northern Sky

The Spiral of History

Humanity at the Crossroads


Part 2   Dietary Principles

3. Food and the Human Constitution


Centripetal and Centrifugal Force

Ki, the Energy Centers, and Meridians

Human Beings Can Eat Anything

Food of Embryo and Infant

Food for Human Beings

The Natural Order of Eating


4. Dietary Principals for Humanity


Standard Macrobiotic Dietary Approach

Standard Dietary Recommendations

Yin and Yang in Daily Food

Environmental Modifications and Personal Adjustments

Modification for Emergency Conditions

Principles of Cooking

Modern Nutrition


Part 3 Applying the Principles


5. The Way of Life for Humanity


Practicing a Natural Way of Life

Respect for Ancestors and Love for Offspring

Man and Woman

Love and Marriage

Sex and Relationships

Society and Nature

The Spirit of Macrobiotics


6. Human Diseases: Cause and Recovery


Cause of Difficulties

Origin and Development of Sickness

The Progressive Development of Disease

What is Natural Immunity?

Kinds of Human Death

Yin and Yang in Physical and Mental Sicknesses

Approach to Disease and Disorder

Transition and Discharge

Medicinal Use of Common Food

The Five Stages of Transformation

Mental Disorders: Cause and Approach

Understanding Dreams

The Progressive Development of Mental Disorders

The Mandala of Healing

The Five Stages of Transformation

Understanding Dreams


7. Medical and Scientific Studies


Humanity’s Origin and Development

Traditional Dietary Sources

Modern Nutritional Studies

Infant and Childhood Nutrition

Heart Disease






Infectious Disease

Migraine Headache

Environmental Illness

Mental and Psychological Illness

Crime, War, and Antisocial Behavior


Agriculture and Energy

Microwave Cooking

Genetically Modified Foods

Pet Care


Plant Sources of Vitamin B12

Schools, Universities, and Hotels Serve Macrobiotic Food

Exercise and Sports

Transmutation of Elements


Part 4   Personal and Planetary Transformation


8. One Peaceful World


The Biological and Spiritual Revolution of Humanity

Reorientation of the Individual

Reorientation of the Family and Community

World Federation

World Public Service

Natural Agriculture

Principles of Natural Economy

Transformation of Society


9. Realizing Our Endless Dream


The World of Vibration

Life in the Spiritual World

Our Spiritual Journey

Meditation and Prayer

Spirit and Destiny






A.  Global Macrobiotic Dietary Guidellines

B.  Medical Statements on Macrobiotics

C.  Guidelines on Agriculture and Climate Change

D.  Food Classification Tables

E.  Listing of Conditions, Symptoms, and Diseases

F.  Guidelines for Use of Supplements


East West Reading List

Macrobiotic Resources

About the Author


Introduction or preface

Introduction: The Regeneration of Modern Humanity

Unknown time has elapsed since our galaxy was formed by whirlpool motion in the infinite ocean of space. As the earth developed to its present condition, more than 4 billion years have passed. Biological life has existed on this planet for more than 3 billion years, and human beings have developed physically and spiritually for probably over 20 million years. Although it is uncertain how the ancestors of our present human species lived and adapted to their environment, during our recent development as homo sapiens, especially within the span of recorded history, we have seen the rise and fall of more than twenty civilizations.

During these constant changes, humanity has experienced health and sickness, stability and chaos, peace and war, prosperity and poverty, happiness and unhappiness, as if we have been riding upon waves. Our present world civilization and this modern age are not exempt from these fluctuations.

Our modern civilization offers material wealth and technological conveniences to the majority of the world's population, together with rapid communication and the dissemination of knowledge. At present we are seeing the blossoming of such benefits: worldwide distribution of food for everyone's survival and enjoyment; transportation that enables us to be on the opposite sides of the globe within the same day; communications systems through which we can know instantaneously know what has happened on other continents; well-organized religious and education programs; universal control of governmental administration; and an impressive degree of scientific and technological development. It is no longer only a daydream that we may colonize other planets. From the far depths of the ocean to the uncharted polar regions, from impenetrable equatorial rain forests to the frontiers of space, our explorations are advancing everywhere. From the microscopic world of atoms and subatomic particles to the macroscopic world of galaxies and constellations, our understanding is expanding. It appears that we are approaching the realization of the Golden Age envisioned by poets and artists, prophets and utopian thinkers, throughout history.

However, when we examine our surroundings more carefully, we find that increasingly there is sickness instead of health, chaos instead of stability, war instead of peace, poverty instead of prosperity, unhappiness instead of happiness. The huge expenditures of major governmental and public programs are not being applied for the creative development of human potential but rather are being used up simply in defensive measures against perceived threats to the modern way of life. The negative aspects of modern civilization include:

[D]Constant Expansion of the Defense System: While we are enjoying world trade and exchange as well as global travel, every nation is constantly manufacturing weapons and strengthening its military forces to prepare to destroy other nations. The potential power of destruction possessed by modern nations can destroy the entire earth within a few hours.

[D]Constant Expansion of Medical Care: At the same time that we are making great advances in medical research and emergency care and relief of pain, we see more people suffering from disease--physical, mental, and spiritual. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, sexual and reproductive disorders, and other degenerative conditions have reached epidemic levels in the industrialized countries and are on the rise in developing areas.HIV/AIDS, though on a decrease in the West, continues to spread through much of the world. Medical error has become a leading cause of death, and one in twenty patients contracts an unrelated viral or bacterial infection whenever they visit the hospital or medical center. Prescription drugs are available over the Internet with virtually no oversight.

[D]Constant Expansion of the Insurance and Welfare Systems: While life expectancy has been prolonged due to the control of infant mortality and infectious diseases and while social security for the elderly has been almost assured, various insurance systems are expanding to offset rising losses from sickness, accident, injury, unemployment, fire, theft, property damage, and death. Nearly every modern person has two or three insurance policies on the average. Meanwhile, public welfare, pension, and support payments for the sick, the disabled, the retired, and others continue to increase, making it more difficult for ordinary families to maintain their households and pay their taxes.

[D]Constant Expansion of the Legal, Judicial, and Police Systems: Despite the spread of modern education, violence, greed, selfishness, and crime prevail, requiring more and more powerful judicial and police control to regulate undesirable behavior and conduct. Violence and distrust are particularly widespread within the school system itself. Though most basic labor benefits have been secured, relations between employees and management are often disharmonious. Health conditions and medical benefits are a rising source of friction in the workplace. Personal injury lawsuits are soaring, especially those by patients against their doctors. Moreover, community and organizational loyalty has all but vanished, as business executives, authors, athletes, entertainers, and others commonly retain lawyers to negotiate new contracts on the basis of the highest financial gain.

[D]Constant Increase of Family Decomposition: While worldwide communication systems are developing in modern society, understanding among family members is becoming increasingly difficult. Only half a century ago, separation and divorce of married couples was uncommon. Today, one out of every two marriages meets with divorce and separation. Relations between spouses, between parents and children, between grandparents and families, and among other family relations are generally declining. With modern society's increased mobility and opportunities to relocate, family members typically live long distances from each other, further contributing to a loss of family tradition and rootlessness.

[D]Constant Sexual and Reproductive Disorders: Despite reduced societal restrictions on sexual orientation and behavior, harmonious sexual relations are declining, and men and women are losing basic connection with the natural order. Harmful birth control practices, including vasectomy and tubal ligation, as well as the artificial birth control pill are on the rise. This includes sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), infertility, prostate and ovarian tumors, and other reproductive and sexual disorders. Male sperm counts have fallen dramatically over the last several decades, and as a result of cardiovascular disease or diabetes, many men are impotent. By age sixty-one, half of American women have had their uteruses surgically removed. To offset this wave of voluntary and involuntary sterilization, artificial birth procedures such as test-tube babies, sperm bank fathers, and surrogate mothers have been introduced, contributing to the further decline of natural family relations.

[D]Constant Decline of Traditional Values: Religious traditions that have inspired people's consciences for many centuries have declined, and churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples have lost their attraction for many people. Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions that have guided social awareness in the past have lost their influence, and their function has changed to one of primarily dispensing information and promoting competition among themselves. Family and community heritage---the traditional soil that has nourished the human spirit for endless generations--has all but disappeared.

Despite modern society's unparalleled material prosperity and advantages, most people today are full of fear and anxiety, seeking vainly for happiness and fulfillment, doubtful whether there will be a world for their children to inherit. What mistakes have we made in the process of building modern civilization that we should come to this sorrowful end? For what we are confronting is the biological, psychological, and spiritual degeneration of humanity. If present trends continue, modern civilization will be destroyed by 1) gradual extinction as the result of heart disease, cancer, mental illness, AIDS, and other degenerative disorders, 2) a reproductive crisis, and falling, unsustainable birth rates, 3) nuclear accident, bioterrorism, or cyberwar, 4) climate change, including global warming, desertification, and loss of biodiversity, and/or 5) artificial electromagnetic radiation from mobile networks, satellites, and other advanced communications systems.Everyone in the modern world---and all future generations to come through us---face destruction through universal fire, in the form of global warming, thermonuclear war, or industrial pollution;  through universal flood, or through unnatural food, contaminated water, polluted air, and artificial electromagnetic waves and vibrations. In the ancient world during the time of universal catastrophes, salvation was achieved by building an Ark. Where can we find the Ark to save our lives and those of posterity? Today salvation lies within our own physical, mental, and spiritual constitutions. We need to self-reflect deeply to discover our mistakes, and we need a biological revolution so that we may change our own constitutions, reverse the trend toward degeneration of our species, prevent world war, and create a new planetary order based on love and trust. This peaceful revolution will not be accomplished by the work of the government; it is not the mission of the church or temple; and it is not the duty of the school. This revolution arises out of our own personal effort to change the quality of our blood and bodily fluids, improving every one of the billions of cells in our body and brain, and developing our physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual awareness.

The self-revolution to reestablish our biological, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being rests on two foundations: 1) an understanding of what humanity is, what life is--our origin and our destiny--and as a whole, the understanding of the Order of the Universe, and 2) the biological, psychological, spiritual, and social application of the Order of the Universe, commencing with proper dietary practices according to everchanging environmental and personal conditions.

This revolution is the most peaceful and effective way to restore the earth. Through it we are able to save ourselves and our families and friends from the vast current of degeneration sweeping the globe. We are even able to turn the general trend of modern civilization in a healthier, constructive direction. And, ultimately, we are able to enter the gateway of the new world, the Era of Humanity, with health and peace, justice and freedom, leading toward the unlimited happiness of all humanity for endless generations to come.