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A diagnosis of cancer can be frightening. The actual disease is upsetting enough, but you also may have concerns about the dangers posed by treatment. For many potentially fatal cancers, treatments such as chemotherapy can be completely useless. But where can you turn for reliable information about alternatives that work? You can turn to The Cancer Handbook, which brings all the facts you need to know together in one pocket-sized volume.

In this unique book, you will discover when chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery work, and when they don’t. You will also read about alternative treatments and the scientific evidence that backs these methods. But The Cancer Handbook isn’t just for cancer patients. It also presents invaluable advice for preventing cancer before it develops. Here is an important book for everyone who has cancer, everyone who loves someone with cancer, and everyone who wants to avoid getting this insidious disease.

Lynne McTaggart
Author Bio

Lynne McTaggart,

an awardwinning investigative journalist, is the creator and publisher of the popular and informative UK

newsletter What Doctors Don’t Tell You (WDDTY). Like the WDDTY newsletter, The Cancer Handbook advises readers of what doctors themselves are reading in medical journals, and offers alternatives that mainstream medicine has not yet considered.