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The ancient Egyptian goddess Hathor personifies the principles of love, motherhood, and joy. One of the most important deities in ancient Egypt, Hathor was worshiped by royalty and common people alike. She is depicted as “Mistress of the West” and welcomed the dead into the next life. 

In The Divine Mother Speaks, Rashmi Khilnani simplifies the wisdom and teachings of Hathor, and decodes the Egyptian Mystery School. Here is an extensive, in-depth, yet clear explanation of universal life force energy in its multifaceted forms--the energy of love, the elements and the primordial energies of the universe made simple for anyone to use in becoming conscious co-creators in this time of bringing, and becoming, heaven on earth. 

If you want to have the latest update on the change of frequencies leading up to 2012 and the ending of the Mayan Calendar . . . if you wish to come to a deeper acceptance and love of yourself and others . . . if you desire a deeper sense of peace and friendship with your heart . . . if your intention is to come to a greater sense of grace and ease in this time of fast-changing paradigms . . . if you are seeking effortless keys to deeper states of Christ Consciousness . . . Then the Goddess energy can help you. 

Rashmi Khilnani
Author Bio

Rashmi Khilnani is the author of The Diving Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart . She is an international teacher of Usui, Tibetan, Karuna(R), Raku Kei, and Original 7 Degree Reiki Master Teachers and practitioners. She has been channeling the Ascended Masters for the last fifteen years, and making these teachings simple and accessible to people of all levels of sojourning.

Table of contents


Author's Note

Foreword by Leonard Orr

Introduction by Rashmi

Introduction by the Goddess Hathor


Healing Is Feeling


The Absolute and the Relative


Sound, Vibration, Power, and Transformation




Integration of Polarities


Sex and Relationship, Forgiveness, Manifestation


The Elements


Qualities of Heart-Centerdness


Archetypal Energies of the Universe


Time to Wake Up


Qualities of Openhearted Beingness



Conclusion by the Goddess Hathor

Rashmi's Conclusion

In Praise of the Divine Mother


Biography of Rashmi Khilnani

Introduction or preface


by Leonard Orr

Energy becomes what it thinks about. This is the most basic truth about life.

If you really understand these word, you are spiritually enlightened.

Energy becomes what it thinks about. Energy is the Source of all things. Energy is Infinite Being, the Eternal Spirit; Energy is Substance. Energy is God. Love is also essential. Love is the subjective experience of Infinite Energy. To the extent that we feel love, we are tuned into our Divine Energy.

Energy and love is what this profound and beautiful book teaches on a deep level. As a founder of Rebirthing-Breathwork, I have devoted my life to learning about energy and love. Rebirthing-Breathwork, aka Intuitive Energy Breathing or Conscious Energy Breathing is the ability to breathe Energy as well as air. Learning to breathe from the Breath Itself is eternal and never changes. Just as I teach what the lungs are the pathway to healing and the Divine, The Goddess Hathor and the Healing of the Human Heart reminds us that the heart is also a pathway to healing and the Divine. To love ourselves and be able to relate to others from our heart is a powerful practice.

The Goddess Hathor has channelled the material in this book through Rashmi Khilnani, healer, psychic intuitive, and creator of the Heart of Hathor workshops. Rashmi teaches and practices several healing modalities including Sekhem, Seichim, Seichem, and Karuna Reiki Mastery, and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists, and people from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. Rashmi also works and trains her Reiki Master students in the healing and rebalancing of the Sacred Elements and Mother Earth herself. Her healing sessions are powerful, as I can personally attest to, as can people from around the globe.

Rashmi and I are colleagues, fellow Babaji devotees, and good friends. She is a pioneer in energy medicine, working with twenty different energy modalities in addition to being a trained Rebirthing-Breathwork practitioner and teacher. She has a warm generous goddess energy herself. It makes sense that Rashmi would be the channel for a book on energy healing and love. She is a very clear and powerful channel of the Divine Mother energies and Babaji, and is also a gifted healer.

The Divine Mother Speaks encompasses Rashmi's personal healing journey, including overcoming cancer and how it has been transformed through the heartfeltness and compassion of the Divine Mother Energies of the Mystery School of Hathor. Rashmi models what this book teaches.

This book brings to the earth at this time an updated translation of the ancient Universal Wisdom, particularly in relation to the Healing of the Human Heart and the alchemy of the union of the sacred archetypal male and female energies within and without. This includes the Five Elements that are the building blocks of our manifest universe, the difference between absolute and relative reality, the importance of feeling in healing. Sound, breath, and vibration, all archetypal energies of the universe for the conscious co-creation of our reality moment to moment.

It is particularly unique in that it has embraced and made simple the wisdom teachings of the universe and has graphically and clearly explained the difference between absoltue and relative reality.

We can live in the transcendental state beyond the mind and freely choose, change, and manage our thoughts and our manifestations. This is our job as God's children. We can give and receive love and enjoy being supported by God. When we return to this through teachings and meditation--and heal our emotional mind, our mortal mind--our mastery expands and gets richer and more effortless. These are the rewards of being a spiritual seeker and pursuing spiritual growth.

Discovery is still going on for me as a spiritual seeker. Every year I learn more about breathing and spiritual liberation in very practical ways. Discovery must go on for all of us who seeking. This book is a must read for students of love, the heart, and spiritual realization.

I like that this ancient wisdom is presented by Rashmi in a contemporary work that enriches the heart and is available to people now. 

I highly recommend you read it!

Truth, simplicity and love,

Leonard Orr

Introduction or preface


by Rashmi

Welcome to the wondrous world of Goddess Hathor.

I believe that nothing in life is by chance. Something moved you to pick up this book. You have a deep knowing that you have been honored by doing so. Prepare yourself to receive a blessing of healing energy contained in these pages.

The Divine Mother Speaks brings in the energy of the Great Goddess Hathor, the Goddess of unconditional love, celebration, and joy--the Sky Goddess--the Fertility Goddess of the Mystery School of Ancient Egypt, with the view to heal your human heart. This archetypal energy, which came to Earth in the time of the Golden Ages in Egypt, is coming again in this challenging time for humanity here now.

The Goddess wants you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have trouble feeling your feelings?
  • Do you wish for heaven on Earth?
  • Would you like to have a deeper understanding of your beingness?
  • Would you like to have a better relationship with others?
  • Do you realize that healing is feeling?
  • Do you wish to offload years of emotional baggage in hours, days, and weeks?

If your answer is yes, then you have been guided to the right source. The Divine Mother Speaks allows you to come to a deeper acceptance and love of yourself and others, and to have a deeper sense of peace and friendship with your heart.

The Divine Mother speaks powerfully, eloquently, and bestows an ocean of benediction and grace through this powerful yet simple material. The sacred marriage of the Divine Mother and Father energies and the application of Egyptian alchemy will balance and marry your female and male energies within and without. It will also balance the right and left hemispheres of the human brain, and the brain of Gaia herself will come into greater balance and groundedness, as you literally are becoming a body of light grounded on earth here, now, and in this amazing time to come.

Yes, your opportunity to know bliss is here. You can prepare for profound shifts that are occuring. Within your hands is the latest update on the change of frequencies leading up to 2012 and the ending of the Mayan calendar and help for you to come to a greater sense of grace and ease in this time of fast-changing paradigms.

This book contains an extensive in-depth simple understanding of Universal Life Force Energy in its multifaceted forms--the energy of love, the elements and the primordial energies of the universe made simple for you to use in becoming conscious co-creators in this time of bringing and becoming heaven on Earth.

Here are the wisdom teachings of all time made simple, the Egyptian Mystery School decoded and brought to your doorstep.

Energy is the key to your universe. You will learn many powerful and simple techniques to heal and stabilize in this time of colossal change--on Mother Earth and within all human beings. You will experience what took years and lifetimes of initiation and learning in the temples along the Nile in ancient times.

My name is Rashmi Khilnani and I work as a healer, energy master teacher, and channel all over the globe. Working with unseen beings, such as archangels, Sri 1008 Babaji, various aspects of the Divine Mother Energy and other ascended masters comes as second nature to me. If you feel that sounds seriously off the wall--I don't blame you!

Yet it is what happens.

In the many initiations that I conduct for Reiki Masters in different streams of Reiki that cover the wisdom teachings of all time, the Divine Mother comes through and more strongly as the great catalyst in this Now Time as we move from the Age of Darkness to the Age of Light.

She has been whispering to me for quite a while now, to channel a workbook for emotional body healing and the strengthening of human hearts. While I was rushing around the planet using my gift as a psychic intuitive, I worked to facilitate in the awakening of as many people as I could to the higher frequences of expanded consciousness through channeling Divine Mother Energies, and I was ignoring her to call to write this book.

Finally being grounded in London over a few weeks to sell my Kensington Flat seemed to be a moment when the impulse was so strong, and I was shown the vision of this work in graphic detail in a state of lucid dreamtime. 

I picked up the telephone and called my friend and colleague Amravati, and so we began. The book was to be finished within twenty-one days, which to my human mind seemed impossible. Looking back, it has been effortless and easy and the book has an energy of its own as the Divine Mother and Sri Babaji are really the force behind the words and who gets to be the editor, publisher, and so on.

As a heart specialist in my work as a metaphysical teacher and energy shaman, it seems natural that I have been chosen to be a channel for this work. My observation of my own life, and that of human beings all over the world, is that most of us have broken hearts and deep wounds of the heart, and the battle as to whether to continue to love or whether to give in to fear rages on. This is occuring in spite of the fact that the Photonic Energy of pure love is bombarding this planet to raise consciousness and increase the frequency of unconditional love in our run-up to 2012.

This book covers the esoteric wisdom not only of Ancient Egypt but also of other denominational wisdom within the embrace of Babaji's truth, love, and simplicity frequencies.

The mind will always hanker for contemporary and methodology. Even a single sentence in this work--this sacred gift from the Divine Mother--can shift you exponentionally.

My journey is here too. I wish to reach a high state of internal alchemy of my male and female energies, so that I can manifest deeper heartfelt loving relationships with myself, othrs, and the planet. Ignoring the current human dilemma and the challenges of Earth herself is no longer an option. It is crucial now for us to individually and collectively come to a greater state of balance and to facilitate in the rebalancing of Earth herself.

The heart is our epicenter--our deepest connection to our soul energy that is immortal and eternal. Through the balancing, healing, and the rejuvinating of our hearts and emotional states, we can reach heaven on Earth with effortless ease here and now. I trust that you will make the delightful discovery that the book is your friend and guide and effortless facilitator in achieving just that!

I am continually challenged, processed, and healed through this work. The material is not for those who are unwilling to be courageous in facing their darkness, their fears, and their different emotional appetites.

This book is a request from Sri 1008 Babaji and the Goddess Hathor. It is being channeled at a rather challenging time of my life, as I leave the temple of my beloved studio in Kensington to journey fourth as a global spiritual gypsy to, I trust, continue to spread light, love, and the knowledge of universal life force energy all over the globe.

In the middle of uncertainty and half-packed boxes, my friend and colleague and fellow Babaji devotee Amravati and I met religiously against all sorts of odds. This book has an energy and a life of its own and the Divine Mother and Father wished for it to be written now.

The amazing thing is that I channeled and Amravati courageously got everything down on the computer, periodically leaving her body and managing to get back down again. We found that whatever I channeled for the day intensely began to unfold in our lives (I am really having to walk my talk!).

The journey becomes more unknown, uncertain, and mysterious, but I know in my heart and I know my soul sister Amravati feels the same, as do many souls across the globe, that we are being guided, supported, and impulsed by our Goddess Nature to move forward step by step walking through fear and doubt into an expanded version of the light and love that we are.

I am grateful that the Goddess Hathor has used concepts, examples and language that I as the channel understand and am familiar with. I feel very humbled to be given this task at this tumultuous time in human history. This book is not meant to be understood as a linear understanding. It is recommended that you open up in safety to your heartfelt feelings and responses, and use your knowingness in meditation if you choose to work with this material. Too much overcomplicated methodology of past or present spiritual practice has been omitted in this work in order to come to simplicity and effortless ease in the opening and healing of your hearts.

Take in this book slowly. The chapters are designed to let you savor them and use information to integrate your life. It is not to be read in one sitting, but instead to let the material grow inside of you so that you might flower.

My heart wishes your heart to heal so that it can soar to greater heights and allow you to feel heaven on Earth. The Goddess wants you to find the Divine within and without you.

Ladies and Gentlemen you are now on board flight 1008, the Hathor Love Express! Please fasten your seatbelts, push back your love seats, and take a deep breath of bliss and ecstasy as you journey within to the magical space of your Heart!

Wishing you a pleasant Wings of Isis flight of being and becoming.



Introduction or preface


By the Goddess Hathor

I, Goddess Hathor, am here particularly to assist humanity with the safe opening, nurturing, and healing of the human heart. I am here currently from your past and your future to fill you with love, compassion, and heart wisdom. In ancient Egypt I impulsed many golden ages through my archetypal energy, unconditional love, creativity, ecstasy, joys, and celebration. Now I am here once again together with many other divine emanations of source, to assist in the strengthening of the Christ Grid, and to inspire you to bring heaven on Earth and move out of the age of slumber (Piscean Age) into the dawning of the Fifth-dimensional energies on Earth here now. Many evolved spiritual ascended species have converged into this sliver of time/space continuum to participate in the celestial party on planet Earth around 2012 AD.

The plan of the Divine Mother is for six billion human beings to wake up toa heartfelt state of Unity Consciousness (Christ Consciousness) at the end of the Mayan calendar and beyond.

Many of you have remembered me in this lifetime through joyful reconnection to ancient Egypt temple art where I am depicted as the Divine Mother Cow or as the beautiful goddess with the horns of the cow enfolding the alchemy of Sun and Moon, male and female divine energy (which is an integration of the electromagnetic nature of this manifest universe). 

Recently the excavations in Memphis have revealed another one of my magnificent ancient temples. The pillars of the temple in Memphis have beautifully preserved depictions of Hathor beings who very much work and teach the wisdom of the mystery school of Hathor. They work intimately with my archetypal energy in many dimensions (currently on Venus) to impulse love, compassion, and accelerated healing using sound, vibration, and ceremony.

I wish this book to be a gift to those of you who are courageously willing to now let go of struggle and victimhood and come into creating heaven on Earth and the expansive vistas of unconditional love and conscious co-creation. Therefore I will not be going in depth into those aspects of the ancient Egyptian teachings and terminology that are not relevant to moving into the new harmonic of expanded unconditional love and compassion in this glorious present time.

The reason that I choose to stick with current terminology and work with the spiritual energies of the moment is obvious. There is no point in regurgitating the frequencies of the last 13,000 years of the Age of Darkness or sleep--the Age of Pisces. This Age of Aquarius is dawning, expanding, and impulsing you to wake up to a full activation of your DNA from 2 helix to 12. The harmonics and frequenies of this age are facilitating the release of fight or flight, struggle, victimhood, blame and shame, and intense sacrifice (all Age of Piscean paradigms). The darkest hour comes before the dawn, therefore, currently, many of you are experiencing intense states of the above mentioned Piscean paradigms in order to hopefully experiencing them, get fully fed up with them, and then choose love, simplicity, harmony, and peace instead.