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The Magic of Prayers is designed to carry with you so you have inspiration and assistance from the realm of spirit whenever you need it. The Infinite Intelligence is all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent, within every atom of the universe. When you pray, you invoke spiritual law and invite help from the God Source, which activates the ever-mysterious forces that bring the answers to your requests.

Using powerful prayers will create magical results in your life. The prayers in this book are designed to empower you with the words and energy that will connect you to your source to find solutions to whatever challenges you face. Using this book daily will change your life by connecting you to the Source of all answers. With prayers for prosperity, intuition, health, business success, and improving personal relationships, this book is for people of all denominations, spiritual practices, and ages.

Lee Milteer
Author Bio

LEE MILTEER is an internationally known and celebrated bestselling author, award-winning professional speaker, TV personality, entrepreneur, visionary, and intuitive business mentor. Lee is that rare soul wholives and thrives in both the business world and the metaphysical world. She is also a Reiki healer, a shaman, and runs a Metaphysical Mystery School, where she teaches students how to manifest on levels that mainstream education or business schools cannot teach. Lee has created and hosted educational programs airing on PBS and other cable networks throughout the U.S. and Canada. She is the author of Success is an Inside Job and Spiritual Power Tools, as well as the co-author of ten books. Lee speaks all over the world, and has counseled and trained over a million people in her speeches. She has authored over 150 training, entrepreneurial, spiritual, and educational products, and is the founder of the Millionaire Smarts® Coaching program, in which she provides success and spiritual advice and resources to people worldwide. You can find her at Author Residence: Virginia Beach, VA

Table of contents


Introduction from Lee Milteer

The Magic of Prayers

Tips for Effective Prayers

Prayers for You

God's To-Do List

Prayer for Attracting New Friends

Prayer to Awaken Your Authentic Self

Prayer for Balance

Prayer to Be a Good Parent

Prayer to Be of Service

Prayer for Blessed Opportunities

Prayer for Business Clients

Prayer for Business Success

Prayer for Clarity

Prayer for Clear Desires & Intentions

Prayer for Collecting Money Owed

Prayer for Courage

Prayer for Creating Harmony

Prayer for Creative Energy & Spirit

Prayer for Dealing with Difficult People

Prayer for Dealing with Legal Troubles

Prayer of Detachment

Prayer for Direction

Prayer for Divine Inspiration

Prayer for Divine Time

Prayer for Emotional Protection

Prayer to Enhance Your Life Purpose

Prayer for Finding the Perfect Animal Companion (Pet)

Prayer for Finding the Perfect Renter

Prayer for Finding the Perfect Roommate

Prayer for Fitness Motivation

Prayer for Forgiveness of Others

Prayer for Forgiveness of Self

Prayer for Getting Unstuck

Prayer for Goal-Driven Behavior

Prayer for Guidance

Prayer for Happiness

Prayer to Heal Illness

Prayer to Heal Loneliness

Prayer for Health

Prayer for Intuition

Prayer for Joy

Prayer for Making Good Decisions

Prayer for Miracles

Prayer for Motivation

Prayer for Neighborly Harmony

Prayer for Overbecoming Betrayal

Prayer for Partnership with God

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for Partnership with God

Prayer for Prosperity

Prayer for Relationship Harmony

Prayer to Release Anxiety

Prayer to Release Conflic

Prayer to Release Emotional Stress

Prayer to Release Grudges

Prayer to Release Negative Energy

Prayer to Release Overwhelm & Stress

Prayer to Release Problems

Prayer to Release Situations & Bad Habits

Prayer to Release Worry

Prayer to Relieve Depression

Prayer to Relieve Overwork

Prayer for Resiliency

Prayer for Saying Goodbye

Prayer for Self-Confidence

Prayer to Sell Your Home

Prayer to Stop Financial Struggle

Prayer for Strength to Face a Difficult Task

Prayer for Studying to Pass a Test or Course

Prayer for Understanding

Prayer for Visionary Insight

Prayer for Wealth

Prayer for Wisdom

Prayer for World Healing

About Lee Milteer

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Review Quote - Science of Mind

"After reading this special little book, you'll truly know that help is always available to you whenever you need it. A divine cosmic force is just a prayer away . . . designed to travel with you so you can find inspiration and assistance wherever you go . . . This stuff works!"

Introduction or preface


A few years ago, I authored a book called Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Sellingand in the book I wrote a prayer at the end of each chapter. I received a heartfelt letter from a man who had been facing daunting legal challenges. He wrote to tell me that when he started using the prayers, they transformed him in a way he'd never expected.

He claimed that the prayers in the book healed the situation--it was completely and easily resolved without the legal battle he'd been so sure would ensue. At the end of his letter, he requested that I write an entire book of prayers.

One of my newer books, Reclaim the Magic, has an entire chapter on prayers. Even with an entire chapter devoted to prayer, readers kept asking for a book solely on prayers. Since I listen to what the Universe shares with me for my direction in life, I took all of these requestions seriously and wrote The Magic of Prayers as a stand-alone book.

After I wrote the first version of The Magic of Prayers, I heard from a woman in Texas who used some of my prayers. She told me that she has an incredibly dysfunctional family ... there was always chaos, anger, frustration, and retaliation. Family events were miserable for everyone involved. Even though she wasn't sure they would work, she was at her wit's end and started using several of my prayers every day to heal her family. Within three months, she discovered that the prayers actually worked on her family. Because she was so determined to heal the family and use the prayers every day, something shifted inside of her. She was more at peace with her family. She became more living and forviging and because she changed, everyone in her family shifted as well. As a family, their behaviors changed and they became (and still are today) a more positive and loving family. She learned that all things can be healed an observed that when you make changes to your internal world, the outer world will follow suit.

A mother named Kelli wrote to tell me that her teenage son had fallen in with the wrong crowd. His grades plummeted and the sweet child she knew turned into an angry teenager who was hostile and verbally abusive. She used the prayers from Reclaim the Magic twice a day to find a healing place where she and her son could move back into harmony. She said it took her about two months before she saw improvement, but she kept going with the inner prayer work. To her surprise, her son's behaviors changed. He stopped hanging out with negative and destructive peers and started to study and get good grades again. Right now, he's working hard in school and is applying to get in to some impressive universities. Kelli said that she believed with her entire heart that they prayers were the solution to the problem.

I do believe that concealed within any problem or challenge is an opportunity for spiritual growth that results in greater understanding and opens us to new energy. The truth is, if there's a problem, there is also an answer. No problem is too great to place in Infinite Intelligence's hands.

We must believe that in prayer, the Creator has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world and bring its power down to us on earth. Prayer is the difference between the best you can do and the best GOD CAN DO. When we pray, we shift the center of living from self-consciousness to self-surrender because prayer is the secret of power. The power of prayer opens mental prisons and dissolves the chains that bind you to your problems. Be open to the Creator's widsom, for it is a gift that blesses you and those for whom you play.

When I sat down to write The Magic of Prayers, Infinite Intelligence flowed through me. The prayers in this book flowed to me from a much higher source than myself, and I am honored to be able to share them with you. You'll find that this book contains prayers that are practical, concise, and easy to read, which will help you feel connected to the Creator and allow answers to flow to you.

When you pray, unexpected things happen because you cannot limit the Creator's powers. Prayer is the key that unlocks all doors. Your job is to pray, trust God, let go, and wait for the will of heaven to give you inspiration to take action. There are no problems too great to place in the Creator's hands. All things are possible through spirit.

Blessings, Love, and Magic to you.

Lee Milteer