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What would you do to earn a $10 million profit? Would you be willing to compromise your principles? Hawkins Neilson is about to find out in The Most Expensive Mistress in Jefferson County.

The United States Forest Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, and other government agencies have signed a contract—along with 130 ranchers and farmers and the Nez Pearce Indian Nation—to exchange over $400 million of property in the largest land deal in Idaho history. Hawk has drained his bank account and borrowed more money to close this transaction. Can he make it through the last week before closing? On the final day, the Indians demand an additional million dollars for one of their properties. Hawk Explodes. This could change his life forever.

James A. Misko
Author Bio

James A. Misko (1932 - 2019) was born in Nebraska, then moved to Oregon and Alaska, completing what for him was a natural bridge to the frontier. He worked in his time as an oil field roughneck, a logger, truck driver, saw mill hand, teacher, journalist, real estate broker, and writer.

To read his obituary, feel free to click here.

Unpublished endorsement - Mary Ann Shaughnessy Krum

"This is great stuff! I could not put this down in spite of having a business associate in town for two days."

—Mary Ann Shaughnessy Krum

Unpublished endorsement - Darry Gemmell

"I tried, but I couldn't put it down. I ate lunch reading it, then scotch at 5:00, then dinner, alone at the dining room table with the lights full on, and finished it in bed. What a ride. Gimmie another one."

—Darry Gemmell

Unpublished endorsement - Don Jack

"Most entertaining, uplifting book I've read all year. Makes me wish he would write a novel a month. Having spent a good deal of my life in real estate, I can feel for the protagonist as he gets caught up in trying to close that large of a transaction, knowing he has every chip he owns in the deal. What a close one."

—Don Jack

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