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Most of us believe that something needs to happen or to be achieved in order for us to be happy. We all have that one thing or more, typically related to money, relationships, or better health, which we see as essential for our well-being. And then, in many cases, that thing happens to us. But after a short reprieve, we find ourselves back to the same feeling of lacking another thing that would make us happy. Sound familiar? The secret revealed in this book is that happiness and serenity are actually our default state of being. We do not need to add something, but rather remove those negative feelings that hinder our natural state of being. And it is actually much simpler than we think, although it does require deep understanding and true practice, as you would expect from a substantial paradigm shift.

The Secret of Effortless Doing is an easy reading book. It is one of those books that you can open randomly and immediately relate to what is on the page. You will find in it all the wisdom and practical advice that you will ever need to create whatever life you wish to have.

Ronny Hatchwell Zach Sivan
Author Bio

Ronny Hatchwell, former CEO of EMI Music Publishing in Israel, is a spiritual mentor born in Israel, grew up in London, and travels the world giving lectures, workshops, and private sessions through her method of “Be and it will Be.”

Zach Sivan was born in Israel, now lives in New York and is a CEO and partner of a successful software company.
Table of contents



1. Free Choice

2. The State of Being

3. Practicing Being in a State of Being

4. About Thoughts

5. Meditation

6. Practicing Meditation

7. The Ego

8. Desire and Let Go

9. Letting Go of the Ego

10. Taking Responsibility

11. Serenity

12. Thoughts Management

13. Managing Your Feelings

14. Getting Messages from the Universe

15. The Secret of Wavelengths

16. Discover Who You Are

17. Surrendering to the God Within You


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