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The Super Simple HCG Diet is the simplest and most successful way to shed excess weight--3 to 5 pounds a week—without the complexities of the original HCG Diet.

• Have you considered the HCG Diet?

• Are you worried that you won’t be able to stick to the 500-calorie restriction?

• Or worried you won’t have enough energy?

• Or worried you’ll just become numbingly bored with the limited food choices?

• Afraid to inject yourself? 

This book debunks the myths of the 500-calorie Simeons HCG Diet and the outdated protocols that are difficult to understand and practically impossible to follow. Easing the calorie restriction to allow 700 calories a day, The Super Simple HCG Diet offers you a simpler program that still ensures success—allowing easier compliance without sacrificing rapid weight reduction. 

It also eliminates the complex phase system and, for those who need to stay on the program for several months, allows small breaks without abandoning the diet and weight control program altogether. 

The Super Simple HCG Diet is based on the author’s personal experience. With her unique sense of humor and compassion, Kathleen Barnes helps you navigate the pitfalls, simplify the process, and stay the course for major and permanent weight control.

Kathleen Barnes Hyla Cass
Author Bio

Kathleen Barnes is an author, editor, and publisher with a passion for natural health and sustainable living that has its roots in the early days of the natural health movement. You can follow her HCG journey at Her website is


Table of contents



1. My Journey

2. The Simeons Protocols: You Don’t Need Them,

3. What You Can Eat and What You Can’t,

Shots? Oh No! Maybe I’ll Try Drops . . .,

When the Time Is Right,

HCG is for Men, Too,

How to Do It and Stick to It,

Exercise and Wardrobe Changes,

Keeping It Off,


Journal and Workbook pages,

Calorie, Fat and Carb Charts,

Glycemic Index Chart,

Body Mass Index Chart,


About the Author,


Introduction or preface

This is a personal journey that is not yet complete, but it is too important to wait until it comes to fruition to share my excitement.

            Since obesity has become an American epidemic, there is no time to waste.  As a health writer for the past fifteen years and as author of more than a dozen health books, I recognize a good thing when I see it. The HCG Diet is more than a good thing. It is a revolutionary method of that leads to lifelong weight control that can eliminate one of America’s worst afflictions.

            It is the “magic pill” for weight loss that we’ve been waiting for.

            No, that doesn’t mean you can take your HCG drops or shots and eat everything you want. I want to make that clear from the beginning. This is a rigorous 700-calorie a day diet. The “magic” is that HCG allows you to stay on that diet, for months at a time if necessary, without being tempted to eat your desk, your pillow or (God forbid!) your spouse. 

            I’ve made a career of writing natural health books. I’ve also written hundreds of magazine articles, including a six-year stint at natural health columnist for Woman’s World magazine. I’ve been an ardent advocate of natural living for all of my adult life.

            Yet, I haven’t always walked my talk. While I ate a fairly healthy diet, I simply ate too much. With that and other factors I’ll talk about in this book, after twenty years, I was 100 pounds overweight. Yikes!

            When I tell people about the HCG Diet, they often think it is entirely too complicated, they’re afraid that 500 calories might not be enough for basic survival and they cringe at the idea of injecting themselves.

            The purpose of this book is to help make the HCG Diet super simple. It is not hocus-pocus. It is simply a matter of being able to adhere to a low-calorie, low-carb, low-fat and low glycemic index diet. That’s a tall order—but there is where the HCG comes into the picture.

            It doesn’t work for everyone, but my personal experience is that HCG is what helps me stay on a rigorous diet painlessly. It has helped tens of thousands of others do the same. 

            In this book, I am not giving you medical advice. I am simply sharing my experience, helping quell your fears about the low calorie aspect of the diet (I think 700 calories is more realistic and I’ll explain why) and to lessen your anxiety about giving yourself shots or give you alternatives if you simply don’t want to use injections.

             Before I began the HCG diet, I needed to know as much as I could about what I was getting myself into. As a health journalist, I know not to take information at its face value. I need to always dig for the real facts. Once I had these facts, I set off on my own personal weight loss program. As I did, I discovered a good number of things that were simply not in any of the literature I had read. So in putting this book together, I have attempted to provide you with not only the facts, but also the important little things that you won’t find in other books. I have included tips and suggestions that can make your own journey that much easier. I have also tried to answer the most common questions other people have asked me about the HCG diet.

As my own journey has progressed, I continue to learn even more. To keep you updated, I invite you to visit my websites: and

I am pleased to be sharing my experiences on the HCG Diet as a vehicle to inspire you, to help you on your journey, to help give you confidence to undertake this life-changing program, and to share your experience with others.

Kathleen Barnes