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For too many people, the term “allergy free cooking” conjures images of bland and boring meals—dishes that seem to be “missing something.” But the fact is that meals can be made flavorful, appealing, satisfying, and healthful, and still eliminate common allergenic foods. Now, best-selling authors Judi and Shari Zucker have created a cookbook that will guide you in doing just that. The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook is an exciting collection of over 150 delectable dishes that contain absolutely no eggs, cow’s milk, soy, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or shellfish, the eight foods most likely to cause allergic reactions.

The book first looks at the overall problem of allergies—what they are, how they can be identified, and what problems they can cause. It offers valuable information on the dangers of cross-contamination of allergens in packaged foods, and helps you understand food labels. You’ll even learn how to stock a safe allergen-free kitchen. What follows are six chapters of taste-tempting recipes, including starters and appetizers, soups, salads and dressings, main dishes, desserts and snacks, and drinkable delights. Each recipe is designed to be clear and easy to use, and many include options that help you change up dishes to fit your family’s preferences. Special emphasis has been placed on using wholesome and fresh products that are rich in nutrients and fiber, and low in calories. Throughout, clever time-saving tips help you fit healthy cooking into your life, no matter how hectic it may be.

Judi Zucker Shari Zucker
Author Bio

Judi and Shari Zucker both graduated from the University of California in Santa Barbara, each majoring in Ergonomics—the study of human physiology, physical education, and nutrition. Fondly dubbed the “Double Energy Twins,” they have made it their mission to teach children and adults the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In addition to being interviewed on numerous radio and TV shows, Judi and Shari have lectured on the topic of health and nutrition throughout the United States. They are the authors of four titles, including their bestseller, The Double Energy Diet. Currently, both authors live in the Santa Barbara area with their families.

Table of contents



1. Allergies on the Rise,

2. Stocking the Kitchen,

3. Drinkable Delights,

4. Chips, Dips ’n Savory Snacks,

5. Super Soups,

6. Savory Salads,

7. Sensational Sides,

8. Delectable Main Dishes,

9. Desserts and Treats,

Metric Conversion Tables,




Review Quote - Publishers Weekly

“A useful resource for the recently diagnosed and/or parents of children with allergies.”
Review Quote - Library Journal

 "Recipes are simple and combine fresh, common ingredients to create tasty dishes . . . With its easy, flavorful, and healthy dishes, this allergy- and vegan-friendly collection will delight many." 
Review Quote - Kitchen Ade

"An uncommon cookbook which addresses a common problem -- preparing meals for any occasion for folks living with food allergies . . . provide[s] straightforward recipes for preparing delicious meals that you and your family will actually enjoy eating . . . There are many reasons to love this cookbook, but let's not overlook the best reason of all -- the recipes -- bursts of color, flavor and texture all." 
Introduction or preface

With an alarming increase in the number of people diagnosed with food allergies—the majority being children under the age of eighteen—supermarket shelves are looking much different than they did in the recent past. In an effort to meet consumer needs, stores now offer a wide variety of allergen-free products—snack foods like chips and crackers, sweet treats like cookies and cakes, fresh and frozen prepared foods, and the list goes on. While this certainly seems like a positive step in catering to an obvious demand, it also comes with a possible downside.

            The problem is that the majority of commercially made products, although allergen free, are often nutrient free, as well. They tend to be highly processed and loaded with undesirable, health-compromising ingredients like refined sugar, trans fats, preservatives, and artificial colorings and flavorings. Anyone dealing with a food allergy knows that avoiding the problematic ingredient is critical; but maintaining overall good health through a nutritious diet is just as important. So how can you serve food that is not only safe to eat, but nutritionally sound as well? The answer lies in the pages of this book.

            The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook provides over 150 tasty vegetarian/vegan recipes that are free of the top eight allergenic foods according to the current assessment of the United States Food and Drug Administration. That means each recipe is made without eggs, cow’s milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish. They are also free of gluten and refined white sugar. (Very few allergy-free cookbooks can make this claim. Often, the recipes are free of one or two of the top allergenic ingredients, but not all of them.) As an added bonus, the dishes in this book are wholesome and nutritious—rich in whole grains and fiber, and low in fat and calories. They also call for ingredients that are readily available and affordable, and best of all, they are simple to prepare. Easy-to-follow step-by-step directions guarantee that even the most inexperienced cooks will enjoy successful results.

            Perhaps most important, everything tastes good! After all, even the most nutritious foods aren’t beneficial if no one eats them. That’s why you’ll find that the dishes in this book—the soups and salads, the smoothies and snacks, as well as the entrées, side dishes, and desserts—are tasty and satisfying. Your family will enjoy eating them, and you will feel good about serving them.

            Along with the recipes, The Ultimate Allergy-Free Cookbook also offers a wealth of information and support for anyone living with food allergies. It shares important guidelines for setting up an allergen-free kitchen, instructions on how to read food labels, and tips for avoiding cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients. A comprehensive table of ingredient substitutions provides options for a number of common food allergens. With it, you will be able to easily adjust most recipes to suit your particular needs. This book also discusses healthful food options, including the importance of choosing organic products and avoiding genetically modified foods, which can be especially harmful to those with food allergies. Also included is an extensive resource section that provides an invaluable listing of websites, organizations, recommended products, and reliable manufacturers that support an allergen-free lifestyle.

            This truly is the ultimate allergy-free cookbook. It doesn’t matter which of the top allergenic foods you must avoid, or if the allergy is mild or severe. You can serve all of the delectable dishes in this book without fear of a reaction. Best of all, the recipes are not just for those with allergies—everyone can enjoy them.