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More than just a grain, wheatgrass has tremendous health and healing properties. As a primary “sun-food,” it converts the sun’s rays directly into chlorophyll as well as an abundance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes—all of which are needed to optimize well-being. Wheatgrass describes the outstanding therapeutic benefits of consuming wheatgrass juice. Included are home usage suggestions and growing instructions, as well as a cleansing and rejuvenation program that incorporates wheatgrass, fresh fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, herbs, and edible flowers.

Li Smith
Author Bio

Li Smith was raised on a farm, where her mother taught her the essentials of growing vegetables and herbs. Li began to grow wheatgrass in 1978, and has witnessed many cases of healing among those consuming wheatgrass juice.

Table of contents


1. Great Health – What is it really all about?
2. Grass Roots – Wheat History
3. Wheatgrass – What is it?
4. Longevity – Growing Young
5. Become a Green Gourmand!
6. Vibrant Vegetable Juice – Drink Your Health!
7. Green – Gold Saviours
8. Back to Nature


Introduction or preface

Reality and how we perceive it always depends on what is happening in our lives and any given time. We create, we give, and we receive. We make our own reality.

We plant seeds which in turn feed us (physically and metaphysically). We possess limitless intelligence.

This book is about celebrating life and health by looking a little deeper into our forests, our gardens and ourselves—a call to reclaim our psychic relationship with Mother Earth.

Plants and trees have voices too, and constantly surprise us with the incredible powers that they possess. Power to heal or alter consciousness. Power over the spirit.

The road to good health is the detoxification of the bloodstream with pure air, water, exercise, live food, and spiritual discipline.